Do You ‘Fight The Power’?


Do you ever ‘Fight The Power’ when someone tells you to do something?

Perhaps it’s my attitude towards authority but every time I embark on a new nutrition/lifestyle challenge and I’m not allowed something – I want it.

When the rules say I can’t – I say “screw the rules…” well OK, so I don’t actually say that but trust me, there’s definitely internal conflict

‘Fight the power’ much?

When authority says you’re not allowed – it’s like you can’t tell me what to do… Nobody tells me what to do…

I know the Whole Life Challenge is good for me but here I am, down the South Coast with my Family for a much needed holiday.

I walk through the local IGA and can’t help but notice that the Cheese section is stocked to the hilt with more Artisan Brie and Camembert than you can poke a stick at. Soft double and triple cream, cheesey goodness that I’m not allowed to partake in 🙁

I think to myself – actually, I think out aloud, even directly to Becca in a slim hope of convincing her that maybe it would be OK to lose a nutrition point (or 5) to indulge in the cheesey goodness before me

The last time I was down the coast I pre made the decision to eat clean. I wasn’t actively participating in any Whole30 or WLC but I well knew the benefits of eating clean – a clearer head and increased energy levels. My last trip down the coast rocked!

But here’s the thing. I hadn’t signed myself up for a challenge and wasn’t being held to the any particular standard of eating. I was making my own mind up around what I would and wouldn’t eat – and because of that, it felt way easier. I did consume a little cheese and little chocolate milk but things never got ‘out of control’

Now that I have to adhere to strict guidelines (WLC Performance Level – Yay!) It’s all I see and it’s all I want (all the stuff I can’t have) and I want to go CRAZY!

All this internal conflict got me thinking though, around what I’m trying to do with Adapt…

Show people that regular exercise and good nutrition is the doorway to their best life and the key to results.

But what, if people like me, rail against authority and don’t be like being told what to do?!

What if I say “3-2-1-Go!” and you say “F#%K YOU!… Nobody tells me what to do!” – Not saying that’s what actually happens but it definitely got me thinking?

Stand by me

Thank God for Becca – She’ll keep me on the straight and narrow. When I’m battling, she’ll stand strong with me and when she’s experiencing a moment of weakness, it’s my turn to support her.

I want her to give in and she wants me to give in (to the Brie – that is) but then we remind each other why we’re doing this in the first place: to set a positive example for our daughters and practice what we preach

You need people like that – someone that will keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard. Doing something like the WLC is always #betterwithabuddy – If you can do it with your partner and/or your entire family the battle is half won. If you can’t – well that’s why you’ve got all of us (WLC peeps that is)

Whenever you experience that internal conflict – remind yourself of the ‘WHY’

‘Your WHY’

What is ‘your WHY’?

Why are you doing this (WHY do you want to get on top of your nutrition, your health and your fitness) – will it be a strong enough reason to get you through, in a moment of weakness?

~ Ben

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Coach B

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