Nutrition 101 Workshop


Fact: you can’t out train a bad diet

But here’s the question: what is a bad diet anyway?!

Most people think that their diet is ok – yet are constantly frustrated by the lack of results. They jump from gym to gym and program to program blaming everything but the one thing that’s bringing it all undone – THEIR FOOD

This coming Saturday, I’ll be running a nutrition 101 workshop to teach you everything i know about nutrition.

If you’ve made some poor food choices over christmas and new year (and yes, i did too) and don’t know where to start in regards to what to eat to get you results in 2016 than you really need to attend

I used to be overweight and have high blood pressure but after many years, plenty of self experimentation, education, different diets and protocols, it would be safe to say that i’ve learnt a thing or two

Late last year, i helped one of my female pt clients lose 10kg in 6 weeks and one of my guys: 12kgs in 10 weeks – all because i told them what i knew about nutrition and training

Who should attend?

  • people looking to improve their mental clarity and productivity – especially if you want a promotion this year
  • people looking to improve their athletic performance – in any sport
  • people looking to gain lean muscle and drop body fat so they can look the biz at the beach this summer
  • people who know something needs to change but aren’t quite sure where to start
  • people who are unsure about how much you should be eating – eg. Serving sizes and portion control


  • $30 for Adapt members
  • $50 for non members

Whole life challenge 2016

If you’ve been thinking of joining our team and doing the Whole Life Challenge starting on the 16th january and want to hit the ground running with a solid understanding behind the list of foods that you can and can’t eat – this is going to be essential

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me: ben[at]adaptcrossfit[dot]com

Coach B

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