Where’s the WOD?

Hey guys,

Thought I’d give you a quick heads up on a couple of things.

I think we’ve finally found a WOD tracking app that we’re really happy with: SugarWOD

It’s ease of use and rad social aspects make it hard to justify the using anything else and so we’ve decided to streamline the way we do things in 2016 by ceasing to post daily workouts to the website or Beyond The Whiteboard (BTWB)

Beyond The Whiteboard was a great app but a little to complex to use on a smartphone and the last time anyone posted a comment to the website was way back in November last year…

Between our Website, Email Newsletter, SugarWOD and our AdaptCF Facebook Group we’re pretty confident we’ll be able keep you guys (our members) up to date on all the latest news and goings on at Adapt.

Want to Track your workouts? – Get SugarWOD



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Coach B

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