Whole Life Challenge Starting on 16 January 2016

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We all have habits. What many of us have discovered is that our habits determine the quality of our health, our relationships, and our overall well-being.

You’ve probably said something like this before:

“I really need to…”

This type of statement is an acknowledgment that forming a better habit would improve your experience of life.

Bad habits—like eating unconsciously, neglecting our bodies’ needs, and spending more time working than connecting with the people important to us—mostly just happen by accident, without any real intention.

Good habits—like taking time out to nourish our bodies, exercise, sleep, and connect with others—almost never happen by accident.

The good news is we are free to choose. We are free to indulge in habits that cause us to suffer, and we are equally free to create habits that improve our lives.

The hard news is that good habits don’t become habits in one day. Everyone wants to change, but few have a method for making intentional and lasting changes. This is where the Whole Life Challenge can help.

We know that life-altering positive change can take place by making small, consistent, incremental changes every day. This simple insight isn’t glamorous, but it works. We all want extraordinary results overnight, so we can be tempted by fads and snake oil. The reality is that overnight-change doesn’t happen. Even when it looks like it does, “overnight change” almost never lasts.

The 7 Daily Habits that constitute the Whole Life Challenge not only improve the quality of our lives, but also give us the foundation to eliminate habits that harm us.

These 7 Daily Habits are:

  1. Nutrition. Your food choices have the single greatest impact on your health, well-being, and community. When you make choices that keep you healthy, you give yourself the fuel to fulfill all of who you are.
  2. Exercise. Humans are designed to move daily. Whether through workouts, activity, or simply enjoying the full use of your body, daily movement keeps you healthy and vital.
  3. Mobility. In a sedentary world, our bodies get stuck. Daily mobility and stretching helps you move the way nature intended and continue enjoying freedom of movement into your later years.
  4. Sleep. Modern schedules tend to dictate how many hours of sleep we’re entitled to. A practice of increasing that time, even by a little bit, can make big strides in robust health.
  5. Hydration. More than anything, your body is made of water. This habit ensures that your body gets enough of its most basic resources for life.
  6. Lifestyle Practice. These weekly practices turn a life into your life. Learn to step back, take stock, connect, and turn your attention to what is really important to you.
  7. Reflection. Looking back, looking inward, or looking forward, daily reflection draws your awareness to what is working and what needs your attention today.

As you know, the gap between knowing something and doing it can be wide. The Whole Life Challenge turns doing into a game that requires the three most fundamental tools necessary to create new habits: structure, support, and accountability.

  1. The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week game that provides structure in the form of rules and guidelines for adopting each habit. The Challenge doesn’t tell you what to do; it helps you understand how to do it in ways that makes sense in your life.
  2. So many of us find it hard to succeed because we take on these challenges alone, so creating new habits is no fun. It’s too serious. As a result, we can feel isolated and stressed out, and because we are by ourselves, we can easily fail to see any progress we are making. By communicating with your teammates and with players from all over the world, you have support for times when things get tough, when you don’t know what to do, and when you want to cheer about your success!
  3. And since it’s a game, we wanted to add one final element that makes all the difference: Keeping score. The game provides accountability by requiring you to log in daily, record your score, and honestly reflect with your teammates on your experience of your day.

By playing wholeheartedly, you will achieve results you cannot yet imagine—results that don’t seem possible simply by focusing on our 7 Daily Habits but that come from the practice of focus itself.

When you complete the Whole Life Challenge, you will have a brand new experience of your health, life, and well-being—and you will be ready to take on anything!

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