Do You Have A Tribe?


Who helps you back up when you fall down?


These are the things that stop you from achieving your potential

The saddest thing I see is people thinking that they can do this all on their own

they build little fences and camp out away from the tribe

Get out of your own head – you know it’s a mess



A couple of week back I got to take part in one of the best local CrossFit comps ever

no regionals athletes and no cash prices
just regular, everyday people coming together in the name of one thing: CrossFit

Adapt CrossFit did well. We did very well


I was inspired by all my #adaptcf peeps

From our elite guys and girls, our first timers, our supporters and spectators.



You need this

You need to belong to something

You can’t do this by yourself

Encouragement doesn’t happen on your own

An invitation

If you feel like things in your life have become stagnant – things like your fitness, your health, your sense of community – eg. you’re not part of one – than you really need this

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to find a tribe and belong to something again

If you feel in your heart that this is you – send me a txt on 0407900795 with your [name] and I’ll be in touch.

Make sure you respond straight away – if you don’t you’ll justify it and come up with reasons why you didn’t

If you know that I’m taking to you – contact me straight away because I’d love to invite you to become part of my tribe: Adapt CrossFit

Ben Warren
Coach & Owner
Adapt CrossFit

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Coach B

Husband of @rebeccafwarren. Dad of Madz & Isabelle. Coach & Owner of @adaptcrossfit. One Passionate Dude.