Max Snatch Day

Thursday 3.12.15

Tandem overhead squatting with Tim and Jesse!! #adaptcf #fifteenpointtwo #crossfit

A: Snatch max in 30 mins.

Coaches notes: Snatch can be anyhow. Power Snatch or Snatch is okay and from any position (high-hang, hang, full) just make sure you stick with what you started with for the full 30 minutes. Beautiful reps only. Finish with mobility work. 

Post loads and notes to comments below or to SugarWOD on your mobile device.

Please let us know by today if you will be coming along to our Christmas lunch on Saturday so we can cater for you. Sign up via MBO in the Workshops & events tab. Our Christmas WOD will be before lunch at 10:30am. Make sure you book in for this too. This will be our only session for the day.

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Coach B

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