Back Squats, Accessories and 3 Rounds for Time

Monday 23.11.15

Adapt at SC

The Adapt Crew at Smash Clash this Saturday.

What an amazing day guys, absolutely incredible! As usual you guys rocked the place, the atmosphere and love showed not only to our own guys but the others Crossfitters taking part just shows what a special place we have here. There are also some amazing photos put up by Sharon and Ollie (as well as others on the day) which can be seen on Facebook, go tag yourself in and show the world just how outstanding you are!! Congratulations to the winners (Adapt was well represented on the podium) and to all that took part as we also had a few newbies in the mix.

Now, back to what we love most and that’s training………..

  • A. 12 minutes to achieve a 20RM Back Squat (Aim to add 2-5kg from last week)
  • B. 10 minutes to complete the following:
    • B1. 3 x 8 of Barbell Good Mornings
    • B2. 3 x 10 Barbell Step Ups
  • C. RX
    • Rx is 3 Rounds for Time:
      • 8 Pull Ups
      • 16 HSPU’s
      • 32 Sit Ups
  • C. FF
    • FF is 3 Rounds for Time:
      • 12 Ring Rows
      • 16 Push Ups
      • 32 Sit Ups

Post your comments, times and weights below and/or SugarWOD

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