Oly Complex, Pull Ups and a WOD

Monday 16.11.15


We’re going overhead today so it’s important we release any tight spots, here is a quick video from the Supple Leopard himself (Kelly Starrett) on a way to do this.

A. 15 minutes to hit a max of the following complex:

  • 1 Power Clean, 1 Push Jerk and 2 Split Jerks

B. In 8 minutes, complete:

  • 3 sets of Max Effort Strict Pull Ups & Max Effort Kipping Pull Ups (without coming off the bar)
    • Scale: 3 sets of Max Effort Strict Pull Ups on bands (no kipping)

C. Your WOD today is:

5 Rounds for Time (8 Minute Cap):

  • 4 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20′
  • 8 KB Snatches @ 24/16kg
  • 12 Sit Ups

Post comments, weights and time for the WOD to the website and SugarWOD

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