Front Squats, Max Effort HSPU’s/Pull Ups and a Partner WOD

Monday 2.11.15

Invictus Article

Want a better rack position? Here is a great article from Crossfit Invictus on how to mobilise wth a PVC pipe (or broomstick).

A. 4×5 Front Squats @ 50%

B1: 90 Seconds of Max Effort HSPUs (any style but as many as possible in that time)

  • Scale: Push Ups

Rest 2 minutes

B2: 90 Seconds Max Effort Strict Pull Ups

  • Scale: Ring Rows (adjust angle to increase difficulty)

C: Partner WOD – 1 person works at a time, change anytime (except for bear crawls)

  • 5 min ME Bear Crawls (partner follows behind but you cannot change over until a full length of the gym has been achieved)

Rest 1 min

  • 4 min ME C2B Pull Ups (scale: Pull Ups or Ring Rows)

Rest 1 min

  • 3 min ME KB Snatches @ 24/16kg (scale: adjust weight)

Rest 1 min

  • 2 min ME Sit Ups

Rest 1 min

  • 1 min ME Burpees

Post Loads, rounds, reps and training notes to SugarWOD (on your smartphone) or comments below.

Sharing is Caring ;)