Move A Ton of weight, literally…..

Saturday 31.10.15

Carry Weight

Move: 1,000kg (guys) / 750kg (girls) in each of the following movements –

  • Snatch (any type – from the floor)
  • Clean & Jerk (any type – from the floor)
  • Back Squat (take the bar from the floor)
  • Deadlift

You decide what weight to lift for each BUT you must increase the weight for each by a minimum of:

  • 10kg for guys
  • 5kg for girls
  • Athletes must also change their own bars

Example for the 1T would be:

  • 50kg Snatch x 20 reps
  • 60kg Clean and Jerk x 17 reps
  • 80kg Back Squats x 13 reps
  • 100kg Deadlifts x 10 reps

It’s a fast workout today aimed at keeping your technique perfect and fluid through a variety of movements

Post your thoughts and times to comments and Sugar WOD

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  • eliza says:

    Cute pic Craig!
    A- had fun
    B- enjoyed it, so who cares about the rest Thanks coach Karl and Ben for the encouragement

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