Triple Hang Clean & 25min AMRAP

Tuesday 27.10.15


Today’s warm up (Emu Bob) highlighted some mobility issues for a lot of the crew. It was really clear that we all need to spend the time on mobility and stretching. If you’re not already, get on ROMWOD and do it on the daily!

A: 14 minutes to establish a Max Triple Hang Clean

B: 25 Min AMRAP

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 40 Wall Balls
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 10 Thrusters (70kg/50kg)

Post Loads, rounds, reps and training notes to SugarWOD (on your smartphone) or comments below and please fill out the Athlete Stress & Recovery Survey:

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Fee says:

    A: 60kg – thanks Dave and Alex for working with me – good to have them push me a little higher than I would have otherwise gone.
    B: got to 12 box jumps in the 3rd round with 40kg thrusters… I’m still puffed from this one… but it was still great!

  • David N says:

    A) 65kg
    B) 14 Thrusters @60kg

  • john parr says:

    A: 100kg

    B: 2 rounds 11 wallballs RX

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