Better With A Buddy

Managed to head out this morning with Aaron G for a casual 10km run. We met at the National Arboretum and headed out on one of the boundary trails.

This is something that I probably wouldn’t have done by myself or perhaps might have put off for quite a while had Aaron not called me out a day earlier with a “Hey Ben, wanna do a 10km with me tomorrow morning?”

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to spend some time on my running. Just about every time I’ve run by myself I’d have to admit there were points where I just wanted to start walking (or quit all together)

This morning, running with Aaron I felt like I could have gone on for hours. We ran at a pace that enabled us to chat about running and life and it was just great – hence the hashtag #betterwithabuddy

bencapodGreat end to a 10k #run with Aaron G this morning #train #betterwithabuddy

Great end to a 10k #run with Aaron G this morning #train #betterwithabuddy

Today’s Sunday gee-up is to encourage you guys to train with your mates on the regular and to search them out when they don’t rock up to training.

If you rock up to training and notice that your usual training buddies aren’t there – give them a call (yes call them) and find out where’ they’re at and if they’re OK?

Adapt has got the best group and girls and guys I know – let’s continue to build on the rad community we have by looking out for each other and keeping our mates accountable.

~ Coach B

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