Automatic Accountability with a Daily Did You Survey

We all have goals and priorities but sometimes we don’t always have systems to keep us accountable. What if you could make that automatic? Well the good news is you can and I call it (the system) Automatic Accountability with a Daily Did You Survey.

When you have to answer questions based on your goals and priorities in a daily survey, I find that it brings everything (or what you thought were priorities) into razor focus. It’s also a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable.

Over the last month or so I’ve been doing this myself and I’ve also shared it with some of my personal training clients to see if it works for them too.

I’ve created a video/screen cast that shows you how to set one up for yourself – check it out below.

Creating your own Daily Did You Survey – step by step guide

Step 1 – Log in to your gmail account


Step 2 – Open Google drive


Step 3 – Create a new form -> call it: #your name# – daily did you


Step 4 – Create 3 section headers

  1. mind
  2. body; and
  3. soul

Step 5 – Create a couple of questions for each section


Some sample questions for your survey…

Body – question examples

  • Did you exercise/train today? (checkboxes – yes or no)
  • Did you drink plenty of water? (checkboxes – yes or no)
  • Did you spend anytime on your mobility? (checkboxes – yes or no)
  • How would you rate your nutrition today? (scale)

Mind – question examples

  • Did you listen to a helpful podcast and/or audio book today? (checkboxes – yes or no)
  • If you did – did you learn anything from it? (paragraph text)
  • Did you spend time learning something new today or on a brain training

Soul – question examples

  • Did you do anything to zen out today – Now this is going to be specific to you. Becca loves to read and I like to ride. If you love photography and/or getting outside and soaking up some rays then make sure you create a question specific to you.
  • Did you do something to restore your soul today -> play, meditate, etc.

Once you have completed the form you have to send this form…

Step 6 – Send this form to yourself (eg. your email address)


Step 7 – Go back into gmail and you will see a new email

Step 8 – Install Chrome extension: right inbox


  • click add to chrome button

Step 9 – Forward daily did you email to yourself -> remove excess content like signature and forwarding info

Step 10 – use the (new) schedule button to create a recurring email -> adjust the following:

  • repeats
  • recurs
  • send time
  • timezone
  • start and end dates



this will create a draft email -> just leave it alone and it will continue to send you a daily email containing your new daily did you survey.

If you need help to set one of these up for yourself, hit me up next time you’re in the box and we can organise a PT session to go through questions that will be relevant to you and set everything up for you.

Hope this helps you guys because I’ve found it’s really helped me.

Coach B


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Coach B

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