Tuesday 1.9.15

A: Ben’s beach KB warm up…

B: 1RM weighted chin-up (supinated grip)



  • toes 2 bar
  • pistols
    *start each round with a 60m bear crawl



  • sit-ups
  • air squats
    *start each round with a 60m bear crawl

Post loads, times and training notes to comments or BTWB

Big congrats to Bron and Jacquie nailing their first ever chin ups this morning and props to Lex, who’s been patiently working on her pull-ups over the last few weeks in open gym to nail a 5-7kg weighted chin (wasn’t exactly sure what you made this morning…)

Whole30 Day 1 – drink lots of water.

If you’re one of the crazy cats who decided you’d jump on the Whole30 bandwagon this month – welcome to day 1! Becca and I will be organising a bit of a whole30 get together over the coming weeks but what would be really rad is if you could share some of your go do dishes to comments too. I’ll try and put together a breakfast video (eg. what I do for Breakfast each day and upload it to youtube too) If you’re still keen to jump on board but you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into go check out the Whole30 website

If you’d like to understand the science behind the whole30 – read It starts with Food