Power Cleans & Fun Partner WOD

Thursday 27.08.15

Steve upside down

Steve upside down 

A: 5×4 TnG Power clean @ 60% of 1RM

C: partner WOD:
part 1: 6 mins
P1 deadlift hold (60/40kg) while:
P2 HSPU (score)
// rest 1 min
part 2: 4 mins
P1 bumper plate hold (20/10kg) (locked out OH) while:
P2 burpee (score)
// rest 1 min
part 3: 2 mins
P1 plank hold while:
P2 double-unders (score)

Post loads, partner and reps to comments.

Make sure you don’t let the weather dictate wether you train or not. Pre-decide to come in, train with your Adapt crew and walk out feeling good. Today is a fun session – don’t miss it!


Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 50kg. for power cleans. Trying to practice lifting with hamstrings and jump and not with arms. Also attempting to catch in a lower position.
    Played with Chris in the partner WOD. thanks Chris, lots of fun!
    B1) 110 Push Ups with 60kg Deadlift.
    B2) 41 Burpees. (20kg Plate)
    B3) 197 Single Skips.

  • tim says:

    A) 50kg (taking deloading seriously)
    B) Lots of reps with Ivan*
    *That maniac can do HSPU faster and longer than I can do PU!!!

  • Steve-o says:

    Power Clean Sets @ 65kg

    10am was an odd number, so went solo;
    30-45 sec holds and sets of 8 HSPUs for 39 reps
    30 secs of each movement for 35 burpees
    Unbroken set of double-unders then remainder plank hold, hit 179 (i think, it could have been 190 or 200 – I possibly counted from 40-50 and 140-150 twice but went with the lowest count haha) – only had to hold a plank for 10 secs! Win!

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