Clean & Jerk max

Thursday 13.08.15

Eat Like A Chief bars now in the gym.

Eat Like A Chief bars now in the gym!

A: 10 min clean and jerk drills on an unloaded barbell

B: 20 mins to est. max clean and jerk

C: 21-15-9
DB thrusters 15-20 / 8-10
DB step up and overs

D: max effort strict pull-ups (pronated only)

Post loads, times, reps and PR’s to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ivan L says:

    A. Not much to say. Gave Tim W a bit of a special surprise during front squats.
    B. Cleaned 93 twice, failed it once. Failed the jerk twice. Would have been PB. Sigh. But I am taking some real positives out of it – not least that 2/3 times I got 93kg cleans, and never once baulked at it. Then dropped down to C&J at 60, 70, 80. The last two, a bit of a pointer from Bec about punching my chest through seemed to make a real difference. Hope a bit of dialing it in will see me getting the heavier cleans.
    C. Not so good here. Used the 20kg DBs and struggled from the start. I think not being able to hold the weight in front rack really made the arms and shoulders tire quickly. Also learned from watching Sarah that it pays to take a step on the top of the box. Did the 21 and 15 rounds only.
    D. Forearms blown out from the above, and tired anyway, so stopped at 9, down from 15 last week.Oh well.

    • Steve-o says:

      I haven’t posted in a long time but I was forced to by (as you indicated on Facebook) your favourite daughter Tahni that I successfully got
      95kg clean and jerk
      I finished the wod at 20kg in 7:55
      And didn’t want to show off, so I stopped at 9 too so not to make you feel bad.
      Thanks Tahni, glad you and KJ made it back safely!

  • Sarah Cav says:

    B: 60kg. PB. Thank you winter get strong program.
    C: 5’25” this was hard. Felt it in the smaller shoulder muscles.
    D: 1, down one from 2 last week.

  • tim says:

    A) Pleasantly surprised to find you can fit two people in one squat
    B) Grip/elbow problems so Jerked from blocks*
    C) 24kg Goblet squats + 24″ box jumps = 6:03
    D) 20 pushups
    * Big thanks to Bec who gave me a great tip about head/chest through which helped heaps! Felt great until it got heavy then my technique went south. Jerk max is still similar to strict press max 🙁

  • Lex says:

    B. 47kg PR. Hooray. Did it twice but both quite ugly but effective. Must work on the weird inward toe point.
    Felt like the 6:30 class was PR galore this morning. Big props to Sares for cracking the big six zero and Pauline for her 4kg PR! Just great to watch all round.
    C. After much strategising with Bec about which weight to use, I decided on the 8kg. Unfortunately by that time, all the 8kgs were gone, so 10kg it was. Didn’t think I would finish, but chuffed to sneak in one second before the cap at 7:59
    C: 5 on the yellow

    Does the get strong program ever have to end?! I love it.

  • KJ says:

    A: 70kg – no PB but happy to have got to 70 comfortably.
    B: 5.09 mins with 8kgs
    C: the big 2! I love that there is loads of room for improvement here.
    I’d just like to mention Kayla …who popped out 10 – just like that!!!

  • john parr says:

    A: fun

    B: PRed and got 105kg, been sitting at 103kg for almost a year

    C: worked with the 15kgs, and did 6:31

    D: knocked out 6

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