Some Pressing & 2 Minute AMRAPs

Friday 31.7.15

Zac grinding away on the Concept 2.

Zac grinding away on the Concept 2.

A: 4X5 Strict Press @60% of 1RM

B: And for the last time… 30RM Push Jerk


“20 min total”

Partner 1: 2min AMRAP

  • 15 Thrusters @40/25kg
  • Max Effort Burpees

Partner 2: 2min REST

To get the most out of this workout you have to push your 2min AMRAP hard. Really hard.

**Alternate every 2 minutes

Post weights, reps and training notes to comment section below.

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  • Kathleen says:

    A: 25kg – these felt really good. Maybe they weren’t heavy enough?
    B: 32.5kg
    C: Lex and I managed somewhere around 130 burpees. My thrusters were rx. This was tough.
    P.S. Awesome pic of Zac rowing!

  • Lex says:

    A. 22kg
    B. This just hasn’t gotten any easier. 23.5kg with very wobbly legs.
    C. So many burpees with Kathleen, absolutely exhausted now. Awesome job by Chloe next to us who managed 19 (or was it 20?) burpees every round. Robot or human?

  • tim says:

    A) 45,50,51,51
    B) 21 @ 42kg
    C) 40kgs, burpees 6,6,5,5,4
    struggled with thrusters, didn’t ever manage them unbroken

  • Brendo says:

    Was flatter than an idol singer this morning, just couldn’t get a flow on.

    A: 40kg. These at least felt good.
    B: Had done this at 40kg previously, however wanted it to be more solid so tried at 40kg again this morning. Got to 24 before dying in the arse and dumping the bar.
    C: 30kg thrusters. I would have liked this one on a good day, but today was not that day.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    B: 35kg. Physically possible but I did need the reminder from Becca to breathe.
    Partner wod with Kristy the weapon. Averaged 15 burpees

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