Recovery Thursday – Mobilize, Restore and Move…

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing the same program that you’ve been doing and understand if you’re feeling pretty beat down because I’m feeling it too.

Today we’re dialling things back to focus on some restorative work and get you moving again but this time, without load. We’ve got a FUN team WOD planned on Saturday so hang in there and we can finish this week and this cycle with some laughs.

The Get Strong Winter Program only has 1 more 4 week cycle to run (starting next Monday) before you’ll see us start to add more cardio and olympic lifting. We’ll also be ramping up the amount of bodyweight based strength and skill work for the coming spring/summer local event season. It’s a been a tough couple of months but you guys have done well. One more month of the heavy stuff and I’m confident we can make you stronger and more useful human beings than you were 2 months ago 😉

~ Coach B

Thursday 30.7.15

A: Mobilize – 10 mins

  • banded shoulder stretches
  • distracted hip opener with a partner
  • buddy broomstick stretch
  • seated back twist

B: Turkish Get-Up (TGU) + OH squat tech – 15 mins

C: Move – The rest of the time

In teams of 2-3: alternate between each station

  • row 500m @ 60-70% effort
  • 20 sit-ups – stead pace
  • 30 sec ring push-up hold – break up into smaller chunks to promote quality position.

Post training notes to comments.


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Coach B

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  • tim says:

    Really enjoyed the chillax’n with 6:30 crew and Coach B

  • Ivan L says:

    This was really well timed for me, although I must say that Tuesday was the worst of it for me fatigue-wise.

    Banded shoulder stretches were good for me, and combined with the OH squats made it clear my right shoulder is still a little off. It was interesting to reflect back on these OH squats – felt like I used to feel trying to do snatches back in the first year or so of Crossfit. That general tightness and inability to get into the position is something I’ve not felt for a while.
    Enjoyed doing some somewhat relaxed rowing.
    But of course the highlight was binding myself to Tim W with rubber.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    Today was thoroughly enjoyable and well timed for the ol bones. It’s interesting what happens when you remove one arm in an OHS. enjoyed these

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