Tuesday 27.7.15

A: clean & jerk max in 12 mins
B: 8 min EMOM @ 2 rep @ 75% of A

C: 3×10 back squat (10 min)

D: “Flower” Mental Toughness Training ~ Thank Mike G…

Post loads, PRs and training notes to comments or BTWB

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  • Sarah Cav says:

    A:55kg, little less than normal today
    B:40kg, felt good but fatigued by the end
    C:60kg for two sets. Ran out of time
    D: held on. Mentally tough, but physically possible

  • tim says:

    A) 90 kg C & J, 100kg clean only
    B) 75 kg, cleaned ok but not getting underneath the Jerk enough
    C) 105 kg, this was tough but got easier by the 3rd set
    D) made it to the end but shoulders were really struggling
    Watched the final event last night, so exciting to see a come from behind win. Congrats Billie!!

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 90kg, two failed cleans at 95kg – but got close enough that I’m not too disheartened.
    B. 70kg. A battle this morning. And my arms are still complaining.
    C. 105kg, but really struggled. Only did two sets and neither of them completed. Was glad when we ran out of time.
    D. What Sarah and Tim said.
    Back at work this morning, having taken time off for the Games. A bit of a post-games hangover. Really enjoyed watching it all. My only complaint being that I think it was a stupid decision to run Murph on a hot afternoon.

  • Fee says:

    A: 60kg
    B: 45kg – ouchy…. so much for de-loading!
    C: 50kg – knee very wobbly, so kept the weight low and worked on form
    D: Held on….. just!!! Thanks Gabe and Kylie for keeping me motivated… (I may have been watching their butts)!!!

  • Brendo says:

    A: 75kg that felt better than yesterday. Split jerks still need some work though.
    B: 55kg
    C: 70kg
    D: I never knew that song was called “Flower”. I’ll know what to look out for now. Made it through, but ended up on the floor for a few minutes afterwards.

  • Lex says:

    Woo PRs! Who knew four days off with the flu could be so useful?
    A. 45kg, 3kg PR. My OH stuff has always been a struggle so im chuffed its catching up. Tried 47kg and was so so close. Realized on the way home that this failed attempt meant I also PRed my clean by 1kg. Woo
    B. 30kg
    C. 45kg
    D. This was fun. Singing along took me to my happy place.

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