Snatch max and double unders

Thursday 23.07.15

Tim's OH Squats for 15.2

Tim’s OH Squats for 15.2

A: snatch max -15 mins

B: 6 min EMOM @ 1 rep @ 80-90% of A

C: 3×10 back squat

2 min ME Double Unders
1 min rest
2 min ME Double Unders
(no singles today)

Post loads and reps to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Lex says:

    A. 27.5, failed on 30 which is my max. Everything felt ugly today.
    B. 22.5
    C. 45kg. Forgot what I did last week, turns out this was 10kg heavier.
    D. 78 the first round, struggled to find my groove for a while and 100 the second.
    Big props to Sarah for killing it this morning with a giant snatch PR and just generally lifting ALL the things.

  • Nikki says:

    A: 36kgs (new PR)
    B: 30kgs
    C: 55kgs, 60kgs, 60kgs
    D: 53,51

  • Ivan L says:

    Had fun today working with Tim W. Not sure if we were psositive influences on each other though.
    A. 65 and two near misses at 70kg (would have been PBs).
    B. Started at 60 and had some sloppy lifts (and a few laughs) before Becca suggested both Tim and I drop to 50kg. A little better after that.
    C. 100kg. Got a little psyched out halfway through so I was happy to get these done.
    I particularly enjoyed the bit where Tim split his pants at the bottom of a squat!
    D. 100 each time. Satisfied.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    A: 45kg, PB, stoked, now i want 50
    B: 40kg, felt good.
    C: 55kg for the three sets
    D: 120 & 120 DU’s.

  • tim says:

    A) 65kg power snatch press
    B) Started at 60 but dropped 4 times in first 2 rounds. Went to 50 and only dropped it lots
    C) 100kg, this was tough after yesterday*
    D) 3 FDU then 6 FDU
    Thanks to Ivan for getting me through this
    Apologies to the lovely ladies of the 6:30 am crew for bringing out No Pants Friday a day early

  • Fee says:

    Haven’t posted in a while so decided it is time to come back (I have Craig in the back of mind encouraging this).
    A: 50Kg
    B: 42.5kg failed the first one, but then got my mojo and finished the EMOTM
    C: 55kg knee felt really average so just moved on this one.
    D: knee failed me again so I did sit ups – ouch……
    Bahahaha – no pants day… that is hilarious!!!
    Ivan and Cav – the same reps each time? Nice work!

  • David N says:

    A: SNATCH 1RM: 60kg.
    First time I’ve been able to get that elusive 60kg overhead.
    B: SNATCH EMOM : 50kg. Missed a couple but got some great tips, chest first.
    C: BS: 60kg*2, 70kg.
    D: DU: 89/65.
    Happy to have just something on the board for this, managed a couple of good runs in between all the tripping and tangling

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