Strict Press Singles, 30 RM Push Jerk & Partner FUN

Monday 20.07.15

The CF Games start this week. YAY!!!

The CF Games start this week. YAY!!!

A: Strict Press Singles

“5 Heavy Singles Increasing Load Across the 5 Sets”

  • 1-1-1-1-1

B: 30 RM Push Jerk

**Goal is to simple increase your weight on last week, if this is your first week attempting the 30 reps GOOD LUCK!

C: Partner METCON

6min AMRAP

  • 10 Wall Ball
  • 10 T2B, Knee Raises, Sit Ups

–then– 4 min to establish a 4RM Hang Snatch

  • Note only 2 attempts each, if you fail that is 1 attempt gone

Post Loads, Reps & Rounds to comment section below

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Kathleen says:

    A: 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 36 (failed 37.5kg – max is 40kg). Awesome to see Becca hit a new PR!
    B: 30kg again. This set felt the best by far. Will up the weights next week.
    C: Becca and I almost got 5 rounds (5 T2B left). I got 35kg for the snatch.

  • Nikki says:

    A: 25,30,32.5, 35, 37.5 and failed 38.5 (37.5kgs is a new PR by 2.5 kgs, yay)
    B: 30kgs
    C: Worked with Pauline, we got 3 rounds plus 8 T2B – 30kg for the snatch- was not very pretty by the last one.

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 62, failed 67, 64.5, 67 (new PB), failed 68.
    B. 52kg. Jumped up by 12kg from last week. Not surprisingly, this was a challenge. I stupidly said on here last week that if Ray had a go at 50kg, then I would too. Damn him – he did. And then there we were with the G2 bar, so there you go.
    C. Worked with Mike. 6 rounds neat, 60 and 70kg for Mike, 50 and 60kg for me. I’m happy to say that I got them locked out overhead, but I’d concede that they were more snatch-press than pure snatch.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 60kg, 61kg, 62kg, 63kg, 64kg. 1RM is 65kg.
    B) 50kg on the 30rm. – Next time I will conservatively say 55kg. 🙂 (is that reasonable Ivan? )
    C) Worked with Jamie. Sit Ups instead of T2B for me.
    We completed 6 Rounds and 10 Wallballs and 2 Situps.
    D) 50kg 4rm snatch for me. 70kg for Jamie.

    • Ivan L says:

      I’m hoping there’s no next time Ray. Then I’d have to do 55kg too. And I’m not sure that I can.

  • Brendo says:

    A: 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 60kg, 65kg (failed), 62.5kg (failed)
    B: 40kg. Found this even tougher than the 40kg 30RM last Wednesday.
    C: Mark and I got through 5 rounds + 20 wall balls. Snatch for me was 50kg.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    Getting back into the habit of registering for classes and commenting on WOD.

    A: 25, 30, 35, 37.5(f), 36kg
    B:30kg, I was literally thinking about all the gelato I ate in Sydney on the weekend and it got me through unbroken so will attempt 35 next week.
    C: Karen and I got just under five rounds.
    35kg power snatch. I was unsure what I would be able to lift with a bit of huff puff going on and whinging on the inside that I wouldn’t be able to work up through the weights, But I loved this- no tinge to think, you’ve just gotta lift!

  • David N says:

    A. 40, 45, 50 , 55, 57.5, 59.5kg (new 1RM)

    B. 35kg, very slow on the last 5

    C1: Matt and I got 5 rounds plus some Wall Balls then

    C2. I got to 42.5kg with full hang snatches.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 30, 32.5, 35, 37 (f), 36. 36 is a 1kg pb.

    B: 30kg, same weight as last week. Was going to add 1kg but this one kills me mentally so a wussed out.

    C: worked with Jaqui which is always fun! We got 4 rounds plus Jaq got an extra 10 wall balls. Jaq got 35kg 4rm, I got 40kg (which totally surprised me!)

  • Lex says:

    A. 25, 27.5, 30, 32.5, failed 33.5
    B. In the name of doing more than last week I added a kilo to make it 23.5. Last 6 were super ugly.
    C. Lorilee aka wall ball queen and I did 8 rounds plus 6 WB, blue WB plus knee raises. Good fun.

  • Amelia says:

    a. 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, failed 40, 38.5
    b. 30 dropped down as im wrecked
    c. a few wb in the 8th round, 35kg, 40kg

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