Power Cleans, Pistols & Toes 2 Bar

Friday 17.07.15

Rich Froning doco being released in a week or so. Get excited

A: Work to heavy power clean

(Goal is to go heavier than last week) 

B: 8 Min EMOM

  • 3 Touch n’ Go Power Cleans @70% of above

C: 8 Min Ladder

  • 2 Pistols 2 T2B
  • 4 Pistols 4 T2B
  • 6 Pistols 6 T2B
  • 8 Pistols 8 T2B
  • Etc…
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  • Lex says:

    Worked with Elle who is an absolute gun!
    A. 45kg, not overly pretty
    B. 35kg
    C. knee raises instead of T2B and after the round of 8 subbed pistols for squats. Made it half way through the round of 18

  • Ivan L says:

    A. Hooray, failed. Why am I celebrating, you ask. Because my failed power clean became a PB full clean. 96kg. Starting to think I might make triple figures one day after all. Oh, and a 90kg power clean.
    B. 63.5kg.
    C. 14 pistols and 1 T2B. Shoulder is playing up a little so I’m having to be careful on T2B and pull-ups, but all the squat work seems to be paying off so failed only one of my pistols.

  • Nikki says:

    A: 55kgs, failed 57.5kgs
    B: 40kgs
    C: Did pistols holding the box to assist and did my best effort at T2B. I kicked my hand once, and came about 1 inch away several times…One day I will get them! Got to 8 pistols in round of 12
    Thanks Karl for the tips for T2B 🙂

  • Brendo says:

    A: Came so close to 90kg, it’ll be there in two weeks. Got 85kg.
    B: 60kg
    C: Finished the round of 14, so 7 full rounds Rx. Pretty stoked with that.

  • tim says:

    A) 80kg (10 down on last week)
    B) DNF @ 60 kg
    C) Got through 11 T2B in the round of 8 (not a typo)
    *Hangover 3 v Tim 0

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 65kg….2.5kg PB, felt great too! Been chasing it for ages so stoked!

    B: Worked at 45kg, a little bit over 70%. Felt good!

    C: stoked with my pistols and T2B tonight. Pistols were the best they have been! Also managed to string 2 T2B together! Yay! Finished 7 T2B in round of 10.

  • Marc D. says:

    Good vibe in the Friday session!
    A) 96. I have reckon I could have got 100 today
    B) 70. No touch and go – much to the delight of everyone in the gym. Shoulder needs a visit to the physio.
    C) Fun WOD. 4 Pistols in the round of 16

  • David N says:

    A: surprised myself with an 80kg power Clean, I couldn’t even pick up 75kg not so long ago.
    B:.. So that made this 56kg
    C: 14 T2B RX

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