Wednesday 15.07.15

Adapt Masters

The Adapt Masters crew

A: strict press 5×3 @ 75-85%

B: 30 RM push-jerk

C: partner metcon
P1 goes while P2 rests; then vice-versa…

6 min AMRAP:
3 bar muscle-ups
6 lateral bar burpees
9 deadlifts @ 60/40kg; then (straight away):

6 min AMRAP:
3 power snatches @ 60/40kg
6 front squats @ 60/40kg
9 T2B; then (straight away):

3 min AMRAP:
10 air squats
20 double unders

Post loads and rounds to comments.

This Saturday we have 1 session at 8am as a Fundraiser for our Masters competing in Melbourne. We will have a raffle (tickets sold on the day) and morning tea to purchase. See you there!