Strict Press and a Partner WOD

Wednesday 15.07.15

Adapt Masters

The Adapt Masters crew

A: strict press 5×3 @ 75-85%

B: 30 RM push-jerk

C: partner metcon
P1 goes while P2 rests; then vice-versa…

6 min AMRAP:
3 bar muscle-ups
6 lateral bar burpees
9 deadlifts @ 60/40kg; then (straight away):

6 min AMRAP:
3 power snatches @ 60/40kg
6 front squats @ 60/40kg
9 T2B; then (straight away):

3 min AMRAP:
10 air squats
20 double unders

Post loads and rounds to comments.

This Saturday we have 1 session at 8am as a Fundraiser for our Masters competing in Melbourne. We will have a raffle (tickets sold on the day) and morning tea to purchase. See you there!

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 55kg.
    B. 40kg. Harder than last week but paced myself a little better so it wasn’t so bad.
    C. Worked with Tim A at 50kg. 7 rds, 4 rds, 5 rds.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Worked today with Wayne.
    A) 55kg. Was getting spicy
    B) 40kg. I think I could go heavier.. 30 Push Jerks is really the top half of Grace. Next week might try for 50kg.
    C1- worked at 40kg. Can’t remember our total number of rounds.. but I knew all about the front squats.

    • Ivan L says:

      That’s a big call to jump from 40 to 50kg for 30 push jerks Ray. Go for it – and I’ll do it if you do (easy for me to say as I’ll see in advance how you go).

  • tim says:

    A) 67
    B) 47 failed around 21ish – too much push press not enough push jerk
    C) TMTC – worked with Mick he made me RX

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 30kg. Felt pretty good!

    B: also 30kg…2.5kg up from last week. Had an involuntary moment where I dropped the bar to my hips at 25 reps. Didn’t mean to. Picked it up straight away and finished off. Nearly failed the last rep.

    C: worked with Bianca (after rejecting Amelia haha sorry!). Got 3 rounds each of the first 2, then 2 rounds each of the last one, plus Bianca finished 20 or so skips in her third round.

  • Lex says:

    A. 25kg
    B. 22.5kg, 2.5kg more than last week. Oh the burn! Couldn’t even scratch my nose afterwards.
    C. Love partner wods. Did the DLs at 40 then snatch and squats at 20. Temporarily forgot how to skip for my first round but came back in the end. Fun all round.

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 30kg (same as last week, 80%)
    B: 30kg (same as last week – last week was prob a bit too heavy) My arms wanted to fail me again in the last few reps. Went unbroken this time and it’s much better than resting!
    C: Bec and I got through around 7, 4 and 8 rounds @30kg. This was a good one.

  • Amelia says:

    A) 32.5
    B) 32.5
    C) worked with Marc. 4 rounds, 3 rounds/t2b in 4th and lost count, but pretty even split last round. Stoked to get through 40kg power snatches (help from Ben and Marc required and appreciated)

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