“Balls to the wall” Tuesday

Tuesday 14.7.15

@bencapod and @craig_cwpt Dropping in for a quick session at Joe's gym: @crossfitanaconda

Ben & Craig’s Roadtrip to Melbourne. Dropped in for a quick Friday evening session at Joe’s gym: @crossfitanaconda – In pic: Sarah, Dave and Lachie.

A: 12 mins to est. max clean and jerk. -> It’s not a long time so get to your working weight within 4 sets – eg. warm-up @ 3-2-2-1 // working @ 1-1-1

B: 8 min EMOM:

  • 2 clean and jerks @ 75% of A -> if it’s super easy: go heavier. If all your reps are balls: go lighter.

C: 3×10 back squat – 10 mins -> go heavier than last week.

D: “Balls to the Wall”

  • UB means unbroken
  • L means Level (we’ll pick one for you)
  • BBI means Burpee Buy-in
  • First number (60) is UB wall balls / Second number (10) is Burpee Buy-in, etc.

The levels:

  • L1. UB 60 / 10 BBI (adv)
  • L2. 50 / 9 BBI (int)
  • L3. 40 / 8BBI (FF)
  • L4. 30 / 7 BBI (newbie)

Coaches Notes:

  • If you miss a rep, keep on shooting. Just take it on the chin and keep moving. Move better.
  • The aim of the game is to go UB at a steady pace. Don’t be frantic or get off balance – you will pay for it.
  • If you hate wall balls they will hate you and you will be crushed. Decide that you like wall balls and they will like you – even if you miss a couple -> they will still like you (you just have to work for it)
  • This workout is over in 90 secs if you can keep your head in the game. If you loose your shit, 4 mins will feel like forever.

Post loads and training notes to comments and BTWB

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 92kg. 2kg PB. Hooray.
    B. 70kg. After a few reps, not-so-hooray.
    C. 90kg. Last week was 80, 85, 90 so it’s a bit of an improvement.
    D. What a great idea after a lot of squats. Let’s do wall balls. 50/9 for me (thanks Ben). Ended up with sets of 26, 13, 11. By the end it was my arms that were failing me.

  • Becca says:

    A. worked up to 57.5kg. pretty close to max.
    B. At 42.5kg. This was freaken hard! Barbell cardio!
    C. 3 sets at 40kg
    D. Like Ivan pointed out, this was pretty interesting after squatting. Did the FF version and got to 36 reps – rep 37 was a no rep due to shoulders surprisingly. This put me off my wall ball mojo so had to buy back in with burpees. Finished my last 4 reps at 2:55. I agree with the above regarding the mental side of things. I had to pre-decide that i love wall balls and wall balls love me back. Gotta stay super positive on this one!

  • Brendo says:

    A: 70kg. Couldn’t finish the jerk at 80kg, my legs refused to drop low enough.
    B: 60kg. Was instructed to take out the pause between the clean and the jerk and it actually worked quite well.
    C: 70kg.
    D: 40 unbroken in 1:30. Should have gone for 50, dang it.

  • tim says:

    A)90 psyched myself out (again) @ 100
    B)62 (should have gone heavier)
    C)95 – last week was 80/90/100 so kind of heavier kind of not
    D)40 UB, should have gone for gold
    Worked with the Ivan always makes for a good session

  • Amelia says:

    I think I might be getting a cold.. Everything felt harder than it should.
    1. An ugly 60
    2. Did first 2 at 55kg, felt too hard so did the rest @ 50kg. Still was hard.
    3. Worked at 50kg
    4. 50 unbroken, maybe in 1:35

  • TarrynC says:

    A: Managed a PB Clean at 62kg but failed the jerk. Successful C*J at 55kg, nothing special, have managed that the last couple of 1rm test days.

    B: 42kg, this was hard!

    C: 60kg (Didn’t do it last week so Rosey advised to just go 70%) This was also tough!

    D: Ok, so I hate wall balls and had told myself that before I started. got 11 unbroken, then decided I didn’t want to do it anymore, so put the ball down and did some burpees. Did the same again the next round. Only ended up with 28 wall balls.

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