Clean & Jerks

Tuesday 30.06.15


Steve mid HSPUs #crazysocks

A: 12 mins to est. a max Clean and Jerk

B: 6 min EMOM – 2 Clean and Jerks @ 80% of A

C: 1RM Front Squat

D: Grace @ 50% of A

Post loads, and time to comments. Congrats to Ivan who PB’d twice this morning on his Front Squat and to Mike who hit an easy 130kg. Let us know if you PB’d your Front Squat today.

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  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Was feeling a bit tired in the back today, but glad I still came along for an entire morning of barbell work!
    A) 80kg C &J
    B) 60kg for the EMOM
    C) only got a 90kg Single. Failed 100kg.
    D) 1:51 at 40kg. – Very pleased with this. Would like to try and see how I would go at 60kg… Wondering if I would get Sub 6mins…

  • Ivan L says:

    Hell yeah I did. Thanks Bec. More below.
    A. 85kg. Felt like I held back a little, but with a 1RM of only 90kg I’m satisfied (esp. with a slightly dodgy shoulder that takes a bit of warming up at the moment).
    B. 65kg. Worked with Tim A and we both felt the time pressure. I’d strongly advise people in later sessions to use your own bar.
    C. Woohoo. Last couple of times we’ve done the doubles I’ve hit new 1RMs anyway, so I was more confident than usual aiming for a real 1RM today. Warmed up on 100kg and felt good so went straight to 115kg (3kg PB) and that was pretty good too, so went to 120kg. All up a new PB by 8kg. And pretty much the same for Tim A who matched my efforts. Bloody Mike and his 130kg stole my thunder.
    D. 1:47 @40kg. Checked later on MyWOD and I’ve done this twice before, but at 45 and 50kg. Not surprisingly they were considerably slower, but at the lighter weight I’m not sure if this is an improvement (for motivational purposes, I shall pretend it is).

  • Elaine says:

    A: Worked up to 45kgs. I find these harder than power cleans. Was really happy with my Jerks they seemed pretty snappy.
    B: Did this at 35kgs.
    C: Was happy to get my 1Rm of 55kgs established in Jan.
    D: 1:46 at 22.5kgs – oh what a feeling

  • Amelia says:

    A. 60kg
    B. 50kg
    C. 75kg 2.5kg PR
    C. 2.40 @ 30kg.. Terrible terrible form

  • Polly says:

    Wasn’t feeling it when I got up this morning – but so glad I went into the 5:30am session! Awesome way to start the day.
    A. 40kg.
    B. Worked with Elaine – did 35kg. Was happy to hit every rep.
    C. PB’d it (by 2.5kg)! 57.5kg and it actually felt pretty darn good, so looking forward to trying heavier.
    D. 2:16 @ 20kg – mentally lost it somewhere between 15-20 reps. Something to work on next time…. Cheer out to Elaine – who aced it!

  • Lex says:

    Went in tonight a little begrudgingly, the downside of evening classes is that you know what’s coming. Turns out it was a super fun session. Thanks for the infectious enthusiasm Craig!
    A. A new PR! Have been able to get the 45 clean but not the jerk for a while, so I always settled at 40. Decided to find the middle ground and busted out 43.5 tonight. Yay!
    B. Did this at 32.5. Took the whole minute each time though.
    C. Got to 60kg.. may be a PR. Will have to confer with old posts. Fun regardless.
    D. Did this at 22kg in 3:45 ish.

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 60kg
    B: 50kg, but last few rounds only did one rep as my elbows started playing up.
    C: 70kg back squat (again because of the elbows)
    D: 2:00 at 25kg. Felt guilty at this weight, but it was good to just move.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 55kg, felt great! Failed the jerk at 60kg, didn’t drop under it enough. Clean was easy enough.

    B: worked at 45kg. Much harder than I was expecting. Failed first rep in round 4 due to my pinky being on the other side of the bar to the rest of my fingers. Ouch.

    C: 70kg! 2.5kg PB…finally! Tried this a few times before and failed so glad to nail it this time.

    D: 2:23. 8 seconds slower than a few weeks ago, but 2.5kg heavier at 27.5kg. I always surprise myself on this one.

  • Nikki says:

    A: 55kgs. Got this twice, the first time was so messy, but thanks to Craig’s tips my second attempt was so much better. Thanks Craig 🙂
    B: 45kgs
    C: New 1RM @ 77.5kgs.
    D: 3:22 @ 27.5kg.
    I love love this type of session! So much fun!

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