Back Squat Singles & ME Shoulder To Overhead

Friday 26.06.15

Mat Fraser, the favourite to stand on top of the podium at the games this year squatting an obscene amount of weight.

Mat Fraser, the favourite to stand on top of the podium at the games this year squatting an obscene number of rouge plates.


“Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1”

The goal here is five heavy singles increasing the load across each set, depending on how your feeling on the day hitting the singles at around 90 to 95 percent is a good goal to set. 

Accessory Work: 

  • 3×8 Pendlay Row
  • 3×10 Glute Bridge


  • 2min Max Effort
  • Shoulder to Overhead 60/40 (45/30)
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • 2 min Max Effort
  • Shoulder to Overhead 60/40 (45/30)
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  • Lex says:

    A. Not really in the zone today. Managed 60kg quite easily, but failed 62.5kg twice… one fail much less graceful than the other. Congrats to Nicole who upped her 1RM by 3kgs!
    B. 25 for both.
    C. Worked at 25kg. 25 reps the first time and 26 the second. Hard work, but fun!

  • Emma says:

    A. 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 (86%)
    B. 35 for rows, 45 for bridges
    C. 20 then 20 at 30kgs

  • Ivan L says:

    A. My 1RM was 130kg so I had a cunning plan to settle around 115, maybe 120kg. But I worked with Tim and Mike and got carried away, so I went 102 (G2 bar), 122, 127, 132 (PB), failed 122kg. Not sure if I should be happy about the PB or dirty on myself for not getting out the 5 reps.
    B. 50kg Pendlay (1st set at 60kg), GB at 80kg.
    C. Some sage advice from Karl about aiming for weight that allowed us to get about 20+ reps was useful. So instead of slugging out a (very) few at 60kg I went for the 45kg option and got 26 and 27 reps.

  • Elaine says:

    A. 50, 52.5,55, 60 and 62.5 failed 65kg which is apparently my 95% – congrats to Polly who once again easily lifted this an PRed again today.
    B: 25kg Pendlay and 35kg glute bridge
    C: 30kgs 20/23 did a better job second time round as I just went for 5 quick lifts then a short rest. Tried to pump out 10 at a time first round.

  • Amelia says:

    A. 70, 75, 80, 82.5, 85 (80 was my 1RM, but if felt pretty good so thought i’d have a whirl at a new 1RM… 5kg PR! stoked)
    B. Rows at 35kg, glutes at 50kg
    C. 47 RX (20 first, 17 second)

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