HSPU and another 30 mins (but easier than last week…)

Tuesday 23.6.15

Finally got some signage up on 71 #adaptcf #thriveChiro

Finally got some signage up on 71 #adaptcf #thriveChiro


  • EMOM 10 mins: 1-5 reps strict HSPU (kip if you have to)
  • Filler: 5-10 box jumps (rebound // heels on)

B: For 30 min:

  • every even minute (starting at 0:00) -> 10 wall balls
  • every odd minute (starting at 1:00) -> 5 sit-ups & 10 KB swings – OH w/ 24/16kg

Post training notes to comments or BTWB

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. I think I improved a tiny bit. 2-3 rounds of doubles (using abmat and 15kg bumpers) then singles. It was all singles last time.
    B. Yep, much better than last week’s. Always felt do-able, despite being pretty hard going at times. Mind you, I might have started hallucinating in the middle of it – I could have sworn that Ben and Tim A were singing (loudly) “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. There was some weird “falsetto” going on there. Fortunately, after a couple more rounds the hallucinations faded and I got on with the workout. And so did The Darkness.

  • tim says:

    A) 1 kipping HSPU (was happy with this as usual feel like I’m going to break my neck when kipping HSPU)
    B) Really enjoyed this chipper, shoulders started to go towards the end

  • Elaine says:

    Love the new signage and the Adapt logo – smick
    A: 2 strict with Abmat and 2X5kg plates. The second push up got tough towards the end will need to move this up to 3 next time. Did 5 box jumps on a 16 inch.
    B: Used the yellow ball and a 12kg kettle bell. I really like these workouts and the physical/mental battle that goes on. This week was easier than last week – less sweat and steam more of a shine. The crap that runs through my mind all the negative and positive thoughts…crazy…then Polly started shutting her eyes during the kettle bell swings – yes I’m hearing you, I also wish to be in Kansas.

  • Brendo says:

    A: Went for 4 HSPUs each round this time. Did them unbroken in all except for 2 rounds, and only managed 3 reps in round 7. Happy with that.
    B: Hard to believe there are 15 minutes of rest in these type of workouts; it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Made it through on all prescribed weights and reps. This was easier than last week’s.

    • Ivan L says:

      Funny you say that about the rest Brendo. Last week Karen and I were discussing whether you’d actually get the work done if someone just said you’ve got 30 minutes to do 150 burpees, 150 box jumps and 60 pullups. That’s what I did in the last EMOM, but I’m sure I’d have timed out without the discipline of having to do it every minute.
      P.S. You’ve clearly got me beaten on the HSPU. Just wait until I lose weight!

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. Did 3 pushups each time (no knees or lying down, hooray) and a box that was a little too high for the springiness required.
    B. I was so happy that I missed last week’s chipper, but they always find you in the end. Used the blue WB and started on a 16kg bell but my back was cranky at me after three rounds so I switched to 12kg. My survival strategy was karaoke. Keep the sing star hits coming Ben!

  • TarrynC says:

    A: HSPU perplex me….can do 3 per round relatively easy on an abmat and 10kg plate, but when I drop to a 5kg plate I can only do one if I am super warm….weird. anyway, got through 3 per round plus 10 step ups.

    B: ok so I hated the wall balls but liked the sit up / KB swing combo…and after Saturdays sessions the KB swings felt light! Yay! Scaled the wall ball to the yellow ball, because I suck at them and once I fatigue I fail epically, and often. First few rounds I felt like I should have gone heavier but after 6 or so I was pretty happy about my choice. Legs were crampy and DOMs started setting in 10 minutes later. Tomorrow is going to suck.

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