Strict HSPU Volume & an EMOM

Thursday 18.06.15

"I prefer coming to a field with as little knowledge as possible and trying to look at it with CHILDLIKE eyes." ~ Tom Dickson // get a #beginnersMind #adaptCF #TRAIN

“I prefer coming to a field with as little knowledge as possible and trying to look at it with CHILDLIKE eyes.” ~ Tom Dickson // get a #beginnersMind #adaptCF #TRAIN

A: Strict HSPU VOL 1-5 reps EMOM for 10 mins

  • Filler: 3 sit ups and 3 squats

B: For 30 mins:

  • every even minute (starting at 0): 10 burpees // scale: 8
  • every odd minute: 4-5 strict pull-ups or chin-ups (boys) 2-3 strict Pull ups/chin ups (girls) + 10 box jumps

Coaches Notes:

  • scaling pull-ups: if can’t do strict chins, PUs, etc. -> ring rows only (we don’t have enough time for peeps to get in an out of bands, etc.) 5-6 ring rows.
  • scaling box jumps: (pick a box that you’ll be able to easily complete 10 box jumps with by the 40 sec mark – so you have at least 20 seconds rest.

It’s easy to look at a workout like this and become overwhelmed by the total amount of reps, time frame and the fact that there is no first place.

The rep range: The best way to move a mountain is to come at it – 1 rock at a time.

The time frame: Yes, this is longer than our standard metcons but I wouldn’t give you guys anything that I haven’t done or anything that I didn’t think you could do.

No first Place: that’s right, for some of you – you might have to change your mindset for this workout. The win is to get through it and complete without getting caught up in the fact that you can’t win it. The aim of today is to just. Get. Work. Done.

~ Ben

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Emma says:

    A. Did 5 push ups each time on 5kg bumpers.
    B. BRUTAL. I consistently did 8 burpees, 5 ring rows and 8 box jumps, which very quickly became step ups. Except in minutes 20 and 21 when I did I think three of each cause the world was pretty blurry. But then went back to and finished on the original numbers.

  • Ivan L says:

    A. Just singles. Shoulders are feeling a bit weak at present. Even the singles were hard sometimes.
    B. Bleaghhh! I found this a real mental battle. Normally even in a long workout I can find a point where I feel like I’be broken the back the of the thing and am on the home stretch. Not this time. I don’t think the light appeared at the end of the tunnel until about 27 minutes in. Oh, and I did 4 pullups each round.

  • Elaine says:

    A: Started with Abmat did 2 for my first set, way too easy, increased to 5, after 4 sets Bec moved me to Abmat plus two 5kg bumpers. This was much harder and did 1-2 each time.
    B:Loved this, 5:30am class were a silent pack of steamy sweat dogs after. I like trying to pick that number and rhythm that ensures I keep going. Chose to do 2 pronate PUs rest between each concentrating on engaged abs and glutes so no movement or break in the lower body. Was pretty happy that I didn’t have to change to a switch grip until the last 6 rounds and mainly on the second pull. Did 5 box jumps @ 16 inch to ensure a 20 second rest. Did 10 burpees at a speed that allowed 15-20 second rest.

  • Brendo says:

    A: 3 HSPUs each minute. If it was an 8 minute EMOM, I would have tried for 4, but the thought of B was getting in the way.
    B: This steamy sweat dog did 4 pull-ups each time (unbroken, #claiming it), box jumps onto a 20″ box, and 10 burpees each round. My approach was to crush it before it crushed me so I aimed to get all the work done in 30 seconds each round. Means I’m pretty physically drained now, but I was able to feel like I totally owned it. Plus I gave everybody a show at around the 20-minute mark by whipping off the shirt. Whether it was a good show I don’t know, but things might have even got more interesting if it had gone past 35 minutes… ;p

  • Amanda C says:

    A. 2 push ups
    B. This was a sweat fest but it wasn’t as bad as it first looked, especially if you manage the workload to get 20 seconds rest each minute. For me that meant cutting the burpees down to 4-5 step ups, 5 ring rows and 8 box jumps on a small box. As I was only jumping onto a small box, I also grabbed a 30 inch box so I would have somewhere to sit down for those 20 second rest periods đŸ˜‰

  • KJ says:

    I enjoyed this morning.
    Arrived at 6.30am to see steam covering the front windows and the 5.30 crew red faced and sweaty!
    A: 3 HSPU and 5 sit ups.
    B: This was easier than it looked on the board. Especially when I thought it was 10 burpees every minute! I enjoy a long workout. The build was slow and steady and I too was red face and sweaty at the end. I did 2 pull ups/ 10 burpees every 24 secs and step ups .

  • Fee says:

    A: tried one each round. This was tough and I can only just do a strict HSPU (With the abmat). Played with a few different hand placements.
    B: slowly but surely moved that mountain.
    stuck with 10 burpees every round, 1 (sometimes two) pull ups – switching grip and 10 box jumps (the box was low though).
    Great sweaty steam session at 5:30am

  • Amelia says:

    A. 2 strict with ab mat. next time should try 1 rep with no mat
    b. 2 strict pull ups. completed all rounds. took a while to get into this work out. enjoyed it more when it started to get juicy
    fun sesh

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