New GET STRONG Winter Program

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to give you a bit of a gee up as we’re starting the new cycle this week. To get the most out of the upcoming programming you’re probably going to have to give a little more than you’re normally used to…

What I mean by that is:

  1. if you only come to the gym 3 times a week – now you’re going to want to come 4 or 5 times a week.
  2. if you’re used to rocking up, working out and leaving without giving a second thought to tracking your results then I’m asking you to record every single workout, load lifted, set and rep you perform over the week or start using BTWB already!
  3. if you train 5-6 days a week but you haven’t really been doing anything to aid your recovery then you’re really going to want to start taking your sleep seriously, dialling in your nutrition and managing your stress.
Saturday morning at Adapt (8:30am crew hitting some deads doing the CF Football total) #adaptCF #walkTheTalk

Saturday morning at Adapt (8:30am crew hitting some deads doing the CF Football total) #adaptCF #walkTheTalk

The template:

For the next 4 weeks we’ve chosen three different areas to train: we need a lower body (LB) movement, a total body (TB) movement and an upper body (UB) movement.

We’ll be following a basic linear strength progression over the 4 weeks – so higher volume in the first week – eg. 5×5 @ 65%, 5×3 @ 75-80% (in the second week), hitting doubles and heavy singles in the third week @ 85-95% – then a deload/taper week in the fourth week, leading up to a retest of the CF Football total…

For the next 4 weeks we’ve chosen the following:

  • total body – deadlift (TB)
  • lower body – back squat (LB)
  • upper body – floor press (UB)

We’ll be dialling back the oly lifts from multiple sessions/week to just one. On one week we’ll snatch and the following week: we’ll clean and jerk.

I’ve tried to give a bit of an explanation in the video I posted to Facebook

Get strong over Winter – starting with CF Football Total tomor…

Hey Guys, I put together a quick video explaining what's coming up tomorrow and why it's so important to get to training on the regular over the coming months. In a nutshell, the next 3 months is all about GETTING STRONG. Each week we'll be dialling back the longer cardio based workouts & Oly lifts in favour of committing some serious time to progressing your back squat, bench, power clean and deadlift numbers.

Posted by Adapt CrossFit on Thursday, 4 June 2015

but laying it out on paper you could reasonably expect the next 4 weeks to look something like this:

Week 1 – when the going gets tough – working sets @ 65-70%

  • Mon: TB – 5×5 deadlift
  • Tue: gymnastics
  • Wed: LB – 5×5 back squat
  • Thu: oly: snatch
  • Fri: UB – 5×5 floor press
  • Sat: CF benchmark/fun/grid style

As it’s a public holiday today, we’l be rolling todays DLs to Tuesday (tomorrow) and skipping dedicated gymnastics – although you can expect to see some high skill gymnastics placed into WODs through the rest of the week.

Week 2 – getting into the groove – working sets @ 75 – 85%

  • Mon: LB – 5×3 back squat
  • Tue: OLY – clean & jerk
  • Wed: UB – 5×3 floor press
  • Thu: Gymnastics
  • Fri: TB – 5×3 deadlift
  • Sat: CF benchmark/fun/grid style

Week 3 – the tough get going – working sets @ 85-95%

  • Mon: UB – 3-2-2-2-1 floor press
  • Tue: gymnastics
  • Wed: TB – 3-2-2-2-1 deadlift
  • Thu: oly: snatch
  • Fri: LB – 3-2-2-2-1 squat
  • Sat: CF benchmark/fun/grid style

Week 4 (deload) – working sets @ 55-60%

  • Mon: TB – 4×5 deadlift
  • Tue: OLY – clean & jerk
  • Wed: LB – 4×5 back squat
  • Thu: Gymnastics
  • Fri: UB – 4×5 floor press
  • Sat: RETEST CF Football total – aiming for the same numbers, but looking to hit them with less effort and more confidence

Open Gym

If you have a premium membership and access to Open gym programming we’ll be layering even more volume via a Westside style template which will include max effort days and dynamic effort (speed days) – so you can likely expect to see: bench press, box squats, good mornings and a tonne posterior chain and sled work.

Most of the OG squat sessions will be box squats and we’ve also added extra bench work (because we actually have enough benches for open gym) to complement the floor press sessions you’ll be doing in regular group classes. As with Westside most lifts will incorporate accommodating resistance (bands and chains) – it’s gonna be rad.

Because of the way I’ve laid things out you’re probably gonna want to come to 2 separate sessions each day (eg. 1 group class and 1 open gym session) as going after this stuff back to back will see you dig yourself into a pretty big hole. Regular classes will run for an hour and you should be able to get your OG programming done in around 45 mins. Add 15 mins of mobility work and we can call it an hour…

I’ve been having a play with the open gym template (eg. already doing what I’ve prepared for you guys in the coming 4 weeks) and on Saturday just past, managed to PR both my power clean and back squat – so trust me, this stuff works!

Suck it up buttercup – Let’s Go!

Like I said earlier it’s really important that you:

  • train at least 5 days a week -> if 3 is the best you can do -> make sure you train on mon, wed & thu
  • track every single thing you do in the gym over the coming 4 weeks – use BTWB (really)
  • dial in your recovery – eg:
    • eat well – fuel your performance
    • sleep well – at least 8 hours a night (yes, you might have to go to bed a little earlier than usual)
    • manage your stress – meditate, get outside and go for a walk, do whatever you have to do to chill…

If you have any questions regarding the coming weeks, leave a comment below, send me an email or speak to me face to face and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Coach B

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