cold morning gee-up

Last night, before I went to bed I posted a little gee-up. If you’re not on FB, here’s how it went…

Rug up guys cause tomorrow morning’s gonna be cold (apparently)…

Kinda reminds me of when Sean and I used to run frosty [outdoor] sessions in the middle of winter over at Chapman Oval – we’d all start, rugged up with beanies, jumpers, jackets and gloves on but after a while it all came off and we ended up on the ground in steaming piles of…

If you were thinking about skipping training tomorrow in favour of staying in your nice warm bed -> consider this: nothing that comes easy truly satisfies. you’re gonna have to earn it and training on the daily (regardless if you fee like it) is earning it.

Don’t make excuses and regret it later in the day. Make the decision tonight to set an alarm for the morning and get your arse into the gym first thing – hard work builds character yeah and in this day and age, you don’t see a lot of people with it ‪#‎walkTheTalk‬

~ Coach B

Well my AM sessions kick some serious arse – might be minus 5 outside but the 5:30am crew showed up in force…

Cold outside what?! Tuesday morning 5:30am crew warming up... #walkTheTalk #adaptCF

Tuesday 2.6.15

A: 3 pos clean (Full, Hang, high hang) + 3 pos clean the other way (hi hang, hang, TnG floor) – 16 mins

B: 10 mins to establish Heavy double Front Squat

C: Partner WOD – 15 min AMRAP

  • 10 KB Swings @ 24/16 (Russian)
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 burpee box jumps overs @ 24/20″

Post loads, rounds and training notes to comments or BTWB.

Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. Did the complex quite well at 60kg. Managed it at 65kg but needed a couple of pauses for breath along the way.
    B. Posted a PB of 112kg about 3 weeks ago, so I went with 100kg (success) and 113kg (failure after 1). Not too disappointed.
    C. Teamed up with Tim A and worked alongside Kenny and Karen. I was very pleased to be keeping up with Kenny in the burpees. Until I wasn’t. We got 9 rounds and 10 KB. Given it was an odd number and time running out, I did the burpees on the last round, while Tim did the KB and situps.
    And Ben made an old man very happy by playing Pearl Jam throughout. Must have given us at least an extra round.

  • tim says:

    A) 80kg (messy form)
    B) 112kg (new 1-2RM)*
    C) No idea but worked hard trying not to let down Ben ‘Ninja’ Manning

    *Big thanks to Ben M wouldn’t have got this without his help

  • Amanda C says:

    Lots of frost on the car this morning.
    A. 35kg. High hang was the hardest.
    B. 57.5kg. These were feeling pretty crap until I heard Ben telling someone else to drive out of the bottom. I tried this and what do you know much easier.
    C. Worked with Chloe who was a machine on the burpee box jump overs. I think we got through 8 rounds and a bit. I did 5 burpees instead of 10 to keep things moving.

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 35kg
    B: 55kg
    C: I worked with Mark and we managed 4 rounds each 🙂 i worked with a 16kg KB

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