Heavy Single Deadlift, FGB Style Circuit

Friday 29.05.15

Julie Foucher setting up for a deadlift

Julie Foucher setting up for a deadlift


Work to a heavy single deadlift (with strict form)

  • Not necessarily a 1RM just a heavy single for the day 

Then perform 3×10 @50-60% of what you hit for the above


3 Rounds

(45seconds on 15 seconds off)

  • Airdyne
  • Sumo-deadlift high pull (60/40kg) (40/25kg)
  • Double Under
  • Bumper plate to overhead 20/10kg
  • Air squats

2minute rest between rounds 

Post loads, reps and training notes to comment section below.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ivan L says:

    A. Added 1kg to my old 1RM of 150 and lifted it comfortably. Happy…until I checked MyWOD and realised my old 1RM was 160kg. Next time then.
    B. 80kg.
    C. Took it pretty easy. My excuse being the Masters League WOD tonight. Atrocious on DU today. No more than 5 in a row.

  • Amanda C says:

    A. Got 110kg very comfortably. Pretty happy as I was only planning to hit my old 1RM of 105, but this was way easier than expected.
    B. 2 at 55kg, 1 at 60kg
    C. This was fun. Just tried to keep up with Tim and Ivan (who were taking it easy) which was hard!

  • Brendo says:

    A: 130kg, which is a 10kg PR. Stoked, particularly because my back is also fine. Normally, heavy deadlifts wind my back right up.
    B: 80kg
    C: 60kg SDHP are fricken heavy! Still, managed 8 of those per round plus some other numbers for the other things for a total of 277 reps + 18 calories.

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