Max Clean & Jerk

Wednesday 27.05.15

Nay and the barbell

Nay and the barbell

A: clean & jerk max

B: 30 clean and jerks for time (@ 50% of A)
reps have to be Touch and go and unbroken -> 5 burpee buy in every time you break…

Post loads and times to comments, as we like to check on how you’re doing.

Coaches Notes: Use the full time given to go for a new 1RM C&J. Think about part B once your there, but don’t deprive yourself of going for a new 1RM just to make the second part easier for yourself.

Get into the gym and forget about the world for an hour – you get to focus on the barbell today! 

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Coach B

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  • David N says:

    A: 70kg. 1 RM is 75kg

    B: 3:3? ish . ‘only 30 reps’ says Bec. This escalated very quickly.

    Instead of taking 50% of what I just did I thought I would try 50% of what I would like my 1 RM to be, so the battle with 40kg began. Got half way, 5 burpees, only another 5 reps then 5 more burpees, this wasn’t looking good, then 10 of the hardest reps ever. Burpees are such a good motivation for me plus a lot of help from the sidelines.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Goal was 130kg missed it twice. 127.5 still a PR

    B: 3:02 3sets of 10 @60kg

  • TarrynC says:

    A: got 55kg easy, jerk felt the best it has thanks to some cues from Craig! Failed the jerk at 60kg twice. …next time!

    B: 2:15 at 25kg….looked at my “grace” record (even though this “wasn’t grace”) and I did the same weight in 2013 and got 3:19. I remember doing it and putting the bar down at least 3 times. Didn’t put the bar down at all today (no burpees, yay!)

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