Regionals Recap – Damn it’s good to be part of something bigger than yourself…

2015 Pacific Regionals Men's Podium - via CrossFit  Games on FB

2015 Pacific Regionals Men’s Podium – via CrossFit Games on FB

I managed to make it down to the Regionals this Saturday just past. The day started out with a quick 5:30am espresso @ Adapt and then we headed off to The Gong with Jase Lyons, Anthony and Madz. When we got to Wollongong we found some all day parking and walked over to Lee & Me – a totally rad Campos stocked cafe for some breaky. I had a pulled pork shoulder with roast potatoes and a poached egg + a Super Smoothie (Banana, apple, spirulina, LSA and almond milk) – it was delicious.

After filling our bellies we headed down Crown St to the Stadium. It took quite a while for me to warm up to all the fan fare, the ‘not-really’ discounted merch and excessive ‘peacocking’ but eventually I found my Adapt crew and settled in for the day. I’d watch a couple of heats and then go for a wander to see if there was anything that I felt I needed. I’d try and make it back for the top girls and guys heats and then I’d go for a wander again. I had a pretty tight budget this time around so I had to be pretty picky – I ended up getting 4 replacement ropes for my RPM skipping rope and brought Mad a pair of Nanos – unlike Anthony who clocked up the $$ – If he hasn’t yet asked you if you’ve seen his new King Kong bag – he will…

The best moment of the 2015 Pacific Regionals (for me) was watching Matt Reilly (from CrossFit Urge) finish the ‘un-finishable’ chipper. He had to absolutely break himself to do so and it was definitely touch n’ go at one point. Previously the closest anyone had got to finishing (Worldwide) was 4 reps to go on the box jumps – by CrossFit Games superstar and multi-year podium placer: Ben Smith (of CrossFit Krypton) so for Matt to actually finish it was nothing short of absolutely incredible!

In the last minute he had just over 20 reps to go. As this was the top guys heat, the indoor stadium was totally packed and everyone was up off their seats screaming at him. Madz and I had grabbed a couple of seats down by the railing, closer to the action. I was jumping around screaming at the top of my lungs. Each time he completed a rep, the volume of the frenzied crowd seemed to go up a notch. It’s so hard to describe the electric atmosphere and to be honest, I think that there’s only a couple of times in my life (total) that I’ve experienced something similar. With about 10 seconds to go Matt finished his last box jump and the crowd went next level – I was screaming and cheering at the top of my lungs but due to the deafening roar of the packed stadium I could no longer hear my own voice. I know people like to throw around the ‘epic’ word to describe just about everything but seriously, the whole experience was really that. Afterwards my throat was sore and my body was exhausted – and I hadn’t even worked out?!

Bringing the whole experience back to the gym and my regular day to day training I realise that I’m part of something that’s so much bigger than me and thinking about that – all I can do is smile. I mean just think about it… You and I get to do the same workouts that people like Chad Mackay, Brandon Swan and Kara Webb do. Of course we might have to scale certain movements and/or the loads but knowing that we’re all in the same fight – fighting for increased physical capacity and an increased quality of life. We fight for more than reps, every day we’re fighting to become the very best version of ourselves – realising that you and the guy/girl embracing the suck, there right next to you – is extremely empowering and motivating – we’re in this together yeah?!

If you’ve never been to a big CrossFit comp before than it’s something that you really, really need to do. You get to see how the truly elite athletes roll. You get to see the highest levels of work capacity and mental toughness. It’s extremely humbling but it’s also totally inspiring. You get to realise what people are capable of when they dedicate themselves to smart training, nutrition and the CrossFit way of life.

Dedicate yourself to training on the regular, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and immerse yourself in this incredible community we call Adapt. Prioritise your health and fitness by making daily training a [non negotiable] and I’m supremely confident that just about all the other areas of your life will benefit from the positive habits and mindsets that a true commitment to fitness brings.

~ Coach B

Did you got the Regionals in Wollongong on the weekend just past? If you did I’d love to hear your stories and/or your comments -> Leave one below…

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