Max Split Jerk, Lunges & Burpees

Friday 22.05.15

Ilya Ilyin with 242kg overhead

Ilya Ilyin with 242kg overhead


  • 1RM Split Jerk (from rack)


6 minute AMRAP

  • 12 front rack lunges 50/35kg (FF: 40/25kg)
  • 8 bar facing burpees (open standard)

Pacific Regional starts today, streaming live all weekend on the Crossfit Games website!!

Post loads, rounds, reps & training notes to comment section below

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  • Fee says:

    A: 62.5 – happy with this as the bar got up close and personal with my chin at 60, so didn’t think I would go any higher.
    B: legs feel awesome now. Did RX and got 3 rounds, then 8 lunges….

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