Go for a 1RM Strict Press today!

Monday 18.5.15

CF Games

Have you been watching the weekend’s Crossfit Games Regionals action? This weekend sees the Aussies in action.

A. 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Strict Press

B. 15 minutes to complete the below superset

B1. 3×10 Deadlifts @ 65% of your 1RM

B2. 3×8 Ring Dips / Tricep Dips

C. For time (10 minutes): L Pull Up/Goblet Squat ladder


  • 1 L Pull Up & 2 Goblet Squats @ 24/16kg
  • 2 L Pull Up & 4 Goblet Squats @ 24/16kg
  • 3 L Pull Up & 6 Goblet Squats @ 24/16kg
  • … and so on until the time completes


For time (10 minutes):

  • At the start of each round perform 10 Ring Rows, then
  • Increasing Goblet Squat ladder: 2/4/6/8 and so on

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. Bah humbug. One of the most frustrating movements for me. 60kg, failed twice at 66kg. No real progress on this for ages. Keep telling myself I’ll do some shoulder strength work at lunchtime but work has the temerity to get in the way.
    B. 90kg DL, 8 strict ring dips. So what if my daughter lifted the same weight? It’s not like she’s 20kg lighter than me.
    C. This turned into a face-off with one Mr Ono. Both got 4/9 pull ups. But I finished mine 1 second faster. So there.

    • Brendo says:

      Ooh, look out! I’m getting closer, Ivan – been using you as my benchmark for a while and you’ve typically been smashing me. Only 2 pullups in it this time!

  • David N says:

    A: 56kg, new 1 RM by 1kg.
    Felt good, so there is a good chance of going further next time.

    B1: DL 80kg,
    B2: Ring Dips – 8 strict, 7 strict, 5 strict, kipped out the fillers

    C: Gruelling. Completed 14 SQ + 3 pull ups.
    2 rounds (3 reps) of L sit pull ups then single strict pull ups.
    Squats were unbroken , pull ups were singles.

  • Brendo says:

    A: 60kg solid. Which is kind of a PR – the last time I did 60kg strict press, seismologists at the CSIRO came knocking. Tried 65kg, nope. Tried 62kg, almost, but not quite. Next time…

    B: 80kg DL, and 8 UB strict ring dips each round.

    C: 2/9 L pullups. Goblet squats were all unbroken. Can’t say the same about the pullups.

  • Steve-o says:

    A) Shoulder’s been un-friendly recently. So hit 50kg and left it there, 55 wasn;t gonna happen (even though hit 3 at 53 last week).
    B) 110kg sets
    C) So this went from a casual, lets have a chat for 5 minutes, to “Can’t let Ivan beat me” and the intensity sped up, a lot. Luckily we finished on par, that’s all that matters… The same amount of reps Ivan!!!

  • Elaine says:

    A. PRed by 1kg – 36kgs
    B. 65kg did 3 strict ring dips and 5 tricep dips
    C. Did strict pull-ups until round three then dropped to ring rows. Just finished on 9 ring rows.

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