Roll the dice, flip a coin!

Saturday 16.5.15


It’s back! Today with a buddy, fate decides your workout…..

For 30 minutes:

1. First – You run 200m EACH (tag team style)

2. Roll the dice to decide what you will both do:

  1. = Box Jump Overs 24/20′
  2. = DB Snatch 20-30kg / 10-15kg
  3. = KB Swings (Russian) @ 24 / 16kg
  4. = Power Cleans @ 60 / 40kg
  5. = Slam Balls 15/12/9kg
  6. = Your choice of any of the above

3. Then you flip the coin to decide how many reps you and your partner will do (share the workload):

  • Heads = 10 Reps
  • Tails = 20 Reps

4.  Smash out your fate then go back to 1. and repeat the fun all over again!!

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  • Craig W says:

    Awesome crew to coach at the 6am then Karl took the next class so I was able to join in the fun.
    I was the odd number (insert joke here) so did it myself as a chipper. 20 reps of each and managed to go round twice. Total 200 reps.
    Cheers all, have a great weekend

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