Gymnastics w/ Kenny – starts tonight @ 7pm

Just a reminder that Kenny’s 6 Week Gymnastics Program starts tonight @ 7pm. There’s still a couple of spots up for grabs but as most people leave it until the very last minute – you’re probably gonna want to get on it (this morning) so you don’t miss out. You can register and pay for the program under the [Workshops & Events] tab on MBO.

Training for 12.5.15

A1: ME strict pull-ups (pronated grip); then
A2: ME kipping
— 3 attempts (8 mins)

B1: 3×10 strict HSPU (8 mins) // kipping HSPU if you have them // decline or regular push-ups if you don’t.

C: Partner metcon:

12min AMRAP: (P1 goes, then P2 goes – one person working at a time)

  • RX: 6 HSPU // FF: 6 DB push-press w/ 2x 15-20 DBs (guys) or 2x 8-10kg DBs (girls)
  • RX: 8 ring dips // FF: 8 box (tricep) dips w/ 20″ box
  • 10 push-ups
    then straight away; 3 min AMRAP:
  • ME burpees

C: 12 min AMRAP Notes – rounds shouldn’t take any longer than 90 seconds – if they do -> change out @ 1:30,3:00,4:30,6:00,7:30,9:00,10:30,etc.

Post reps and training notes to comments or BTWB