Snatch Complex and KB Swings

Thursday 7.05.15


A: snatch + hang snatch + TnG snatch

B: 5×3 back squat @ 80%

C: 150 OH KB Swings for time (24/16kg)

Post loads and time to comments.


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  • Emma Campbell says:

    I always read these comments so it is probably past time that I wrote my own!
    A. 27.5kgs
    B. 50 kgs and tried a slightly wider foot stance and it was better.
    C. 115 swings at 16kgs

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 50kg Today. Only at the end of lifting was I getting my body working right thanks to Coach Bec. (thanks!)
    B) 95kg for my sets 79% of 1RM. 🙂 Very happy with these as my quads have been acting up and holding me back…
    C)Russian swings 24kg – 6:07. Very pleased with this.

    Thanks again to Wayne – good training partner.

  • David N says:

    A: 50kg. These were going well and I was wanted to have a go at 52kg/55kg but ran out of time.
    B: 80kg . These were feeling good all the way to the end so I’ll start working off a higher 1RM of 110kg until I get to retest it.
    C: 126 – 62 were RX until I was getting a twitch in my left shoulder when going overhead so I finsihed the 126 with russian swings.

  • Fee says:

    A: 45kg. Super happy with this.
    B: 70kg perfect weight to do this on. Thanks Sam. I had to lift my game as I was working with him, otherwise I would have done 65.
    C: ouch this hurt my head. Mentally I kept tapping out, so physically was doing the same. Got 137 RX.

  • Ivan L says:

    Thanks to a Qantas delay in Melbourne last night I ended up in the 10am session today. Meant I got to work with Steve O, who I am sure has been avoiding me since I beat him in a WOD by 1s a few weeks ago. I don’t believe the story about shift changes.
    A. 55kg was fine and I sort of finished the complex at 60kg (surely it’s OK to drop the hang snatch and then do it again after a rest?).
    B. 2x 105, 3 x 110kg. Pretty satisfied. Slightly over 80%.
    C. 140 RX. Might have rested a little too often, but was worried I’d simply let go of the KB if I didn’t. Sets of around 8 for most of it.

  • KJ says:

    Good job Emma!
    A: 50kg. Did not want to go heavier as I felt a bit stiff to start with this morning.
    B: 5×[email protected] These did not feel too hard!? So maybe next time I should add another 5kg ?
    C: 6.58 @ 16kg. Broke it down in sets 40, 15, 15 then sets of 10.
    I said to Becca …this is a good WOD – as I come to Crossfit to workout my ‘mind’ just as much as my body!

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