Anzac Day WOD – McDonald & Galagher

Saturday 25.4.15

Aznac Day WOD Mcdonald Galagher

McDonald and Galagher

PTE Galagher & LCPL McDonald were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30th August, 2012.

McDonald enjoyed the heavy lifts such as front squats, and was known to swing up a kettlebell. Strength was his game. Therefore, the front squat and kettlebell swings are for him.

PTE Galagher was a man who loved his metabolic conditioning workouts. He was fast, strong,
and quick to find a pull up bar for his fitness programming. The pull-ups and 200m run are for him.

2 Rounds for Time

200m run
16 reps 24/16kg KBS (OH)
16 reps pull ups
16 reps 50/30kg front squat

Then into

200m run
14 reps 24/16kg KBS (OH)
14 reps pull ups
14 reps 50/30kg front squat

Then into

200m run
12 reps 24/16kg KBS (OH)
12 reps pull ups
12 reps 50/30kg front squat

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Lest we forget

  • David N says:

    Yep that was bloody tuff. 39.22 RX I was struggling with this one early on and I needed lots of time between sets
    Managed the pull ups in 2 sets per round which I was happy with.
    I think most kettle bell rounds were unbroken but the front squats were brutal.
    I found it psychologically better to get out about 10 squats when I could in the first set but this still left me nothing in the tank for the runs so they were just a shuffle.

  • eliza says:

    29.04 For Fun
    Made it through, thanks coach Bec, great workout
    Lest we forget

  • Kylie says:

    This was tough grinding out the first round and only to feel like I was starting all over again…

    Finished in 30:20 with ring rows subbed for pull ups.

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