Turkish Get Ups, Pull Ups Ring Dips & 3 Minutes on 1 Minute Off


Johnny Parr Overhead KB swings

Johnny Parr Overhead KB swings


  • Work to a max turkish get up (left & right arm)

Accessory Work:

  • 3X10 Pull Up (Strict)
  • 3×8 Ring Dip (Strict)

Metabolic Conditioning: 

3 Rounds

  • 1 min ME Double Unders/Single Unders
  • 1 min ME Overhead Squat 40/30kg (20/15kg FF)
  • 1 min ME Box Jumps 24/20inch
  • 1 min Rest

ANZAC Day inspired workout tomorrow morning come down and get some fitness in to start your weekend off right! 

Post loads, reps and training notes to comment section below

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  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. Something different for many of us newbies. Was fun, except for the gash on my knee which made getting up and down more painful than it should have been. Used 8kg.
    B. Only got through two rounds with the red band with pronated grip, and full pushups (no more knees – thanks Bec!)
    C: Super fun! Went something like 51-11-15, then 50-14-14 then 39-12-14. First two rounds of DUs were using Amandas amazing rope, until it started fraying (sorry Amanda!) and it made life so much easier. Karl was super helpful once again, tracking them down on the WOD shop for me after class – now purchased. Thanks coach!

  • Sarah Cav says:

    A. 20kg
    B. Banded and pushup s
    C. 317. 25kg OHS. huffypuffy

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