Wednesday 22.04.15

Bars at the ready... #muscleups #powercleans #burpees #adaptcf #crossfit

A: handstand development
– handstand holds
– freestanding
– HSPU (strict and kipping + freestanding)
– handstand walking

100 KB Swings 24/16kg
80 wall balls @ 20/14lb
60 push press (20/15kg)
40 pull-ups
20 DB snatches @ 20-30/10-15kg
10 wall walks

80 KB Swings
70 wall balls
50 push press (20/15kg)
40 pull-ups / ring rows
20 DB snatches
5 wall walks

Post chipper time to comments. 

As this Saturday is Anzac Day we will be doing an Aussie Hero WOD. We will give people the option to scale, partner up or have a crack at completing it on their own – book in for a session and we’ll see you then.