Handstand Development and a Chipper

Wednesday 22.04.15

Bars at the ready... #muscleups #powercleans #burpees #adaptcf #crossfit

A: handstand development
– handstand holds
– freestanding
– HSPU (strict and kipping + freestanding)
– handstand walking

100 KB Swings 24/16kg
80 wall balls @ 20/14lb
60 push press (20/15kg)
40 pull-ups
20 DB snatches @ 20-30/10-15kg
10 wall walks

80 KB Swings
70 wall balls
50 push press (20/15kg)
40 pull-ups / ring rows
20 DB snatches
5 wall walks

Post chipper time to comments. 

As this Saturday is Anzac Day we will be doing an Aussie Hero WOD. We will give people the option to scale, partner up or have a crack at completing it on their own – book in for a session and we’ll see you then.

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  • Fee says:

    A: worked on kipping RX HSPU. happy to busy some out. Also some freestanding holds-always fun.
    B: 23.41 RX. got stuck on pull ups, but pushed through. Then took almost 4 mins for the 10 wall walks. Good fun though (as always)!

  • Jason says:

    A: First crack at HSPU in a few months so was really just seeing if I could still do them and which parts hurt. Got some good pointers/reminders from Becca
    B: Finished a version of FF before our time cap – subbed wall walks for situps so just kept going with them until time was up.

  • Kathleen says:

    Consistency in your training really pays off! Today was my second session in three weeks and it was hard! Was tricky getting ready for work with unsteady legs and arms/hands.
    A: Played with walking up and over bumpers, and on my freestanding HSPU. And Kenny easily beat me and KJ in a handstand comp.
    B: Almost finished rx in 22 minutes. I was half way through the wall walks.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    A. Handstand holds and tried some shoulder touches.
    B. Got to 7 walk walks RX. Spent too long lying on the floor thinking about how hard the wall walks were instead of only allowing myself a set amount of time to rest between walks and getting them done!
    Massive thanks to the crew for helping me do the 100 burpees for chalk bucket!!!

    • Fee says:

      Bahahaha – Cav, you crack me up…… I’m glad (for your sake) you had some lovely helpers in the 6:30 class.

  • eliza says:

    A-some handstands
    b- 18.47 ff hard one

  • TessaW says:

    A: Some handstands also
    B: 23:41 with RX rep range, but subbed pull ups for ring rows. I think it took me just as long to do the wall walks as the entire rest of the workout haha!

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