Max Snatch, Max Clean and Jerk

Saturday 18.4.15

Kayla KB

Kayla taking on the KB Swing / Goblet Squat WOD from last week.

Today we get to go heavy and test out our 1RM Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

  • A. 1RM Snatch
  • B. 1RM Clean and Jerk

Make sure you use the time wisely to work up to your max and also rest in between lifts.

Post comments and PR’s to the website

  • Fee says:

    First Saturday in a few months -good to have Coach Craig in early!!!
    A: no dice for PR attempt at 52kg. Got it overhead 4 times, just couldn’t engage the lats properly.
    B: no dice for PR attempt at 66kg.
    Got the clean twice(which is a PR) but couldn’t get the jerk. Happy with form for this though.
    Great Saturday morning still.

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