Handstands & Heavy Power Cleans

Wednesday 15.04.15

Anthony #backsquats

Anthony #backsquats

A: Handstand Development
– handstand holds
– freestanding
– HSPU (strict, kipping & freestanding)
– handstand walking

B: 3×10 pull-ups – strict

15 / 9 muscle-ups
30 power cleans @ 85/55kg
60 burpees

FF option:
15 pull-ups
20 push-ups
30 power cleans @ 50/35
45 burpees

Coaches Notes: If you’re doing the FF option but 50/35kg is reasonably light for you, then upscale to a challenging weight for your Power Cleans.

Post loads, times and notes to comments.

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  • Fee says:

    A: Love this….. thanks to a passed on tip from Kenny – am getting a little more consistent with the walking. Also tried turning in circles a few times which was fun – could only go one way though!!!
    B: played around on the orange band. Can only get one unbanded, so busted out a few sets of 4 or so.
    C: subbed M/U for pull-ups and push ups, then did 55kg and 60 burpees. Finished in 16:10. Good work out. I actually really liked this. The RX weight was very tough, could not cycle, but could still get through.

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A: I finally conquered the fear of being upside down and managed my first handstand. Many thanks to Ben, Bec, Rob, Karl… and the many other people who helped and patiently gave tips.
    B: Still only one chin up unbanded, so did 3 sets of 3 pronated on the orange band and the same for supinated (new jargon all the time).
    C: FF 16:19 at 25kg. Tried 9 sets of 5 quick burpees at the end but probably should have just done the slow and steady option instead. Next time.

  • David N says:

    Pull ups, sets of 2-3, rounds 2&3 with a yellow band.

  • eliza says:

    after a crazy rolling warmup from Craig, head felt blah. so no handstands, no pullups for a bit till it settled.
    C – 12.38 FF – subbed front squats 45kg and then 30 cals on bike to Ben’s glee! (thanks)
    🙂 Thanks Coach Craig

  • TarrynC says:

    A: played with some freestanding with Tom

    B: used red and orange bands and got 7 each round. Have gone backwards this week in pull ups but I’m very tired!

    C: was going to go 55kg with FF but wussed out and went 45kg instead. Finished 13:55….should have done 55kg! Oh well I was still suitably stuffed afterwards.

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