Pause Back Squats & a Kettlebell WOD

Wednesday 8.04.15

A. 5 x 3 Pause Back Squat @ 70%

20 KB Swings / 1 Goblet squat @ 24/16kg
19 KB Swings / 2 Goblet Squats
18 KB Swings / 3 Goblet Squats
17 KB Swings / 4 Goblet squats
16 / 5
15 / 6
14 / 7 etc, etc

FF: KBs @ 16/12kg – stay with overhead swings, but at a weight that is safe.

Here is a video of this same workout done in 2010. Tell us in comments if you can recognise some of our originals 🙂


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  • Fee says:

    A: 3 rounds at 65kg. Pussed out early so did first set at 55, 2nd at 60, then decided I could actually do 65.
    B: my most favourite workout EVER!!!! Got to 3 swings in round of 7 swings. Wasted too much time whinging and complaining in the first round, finally got into the groove by about 15KB swings!
    Great to be back to my 5:30 crew…………….. And then Steve showed up!

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 5 sets @ 90kg. Very slightly more than 70%. Felt OK but found myself tipping onto my toes on the 3rd rep and favouring my quads as my glutes and hamstrings fatigued.
    B. Not sure I agree with Fee here. A real slog and a bit hard to find the right pace. Might have been able to go a bit faster but certainly exhausted at the end. 1 swing into the round of 7.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Struggled a bit today. I think I am favoring my quads.. finished my 5 sets at 75kg – 10kg off my 70% Got 2 reps at 80kg.
    B) Did the RX weight but only Russian swings. Got was goblet squat into the Round of 6 | 1/15 Goblet Squats.

    • Ivan L says:

      Sounds familiar Ray. I was really aware today that if I could feel the balls of my feet pressing down, my quads did a lot more work. If the weight was in my heels it was much more glute-centric (I’m sure that’s a word).

      • TessaW says:

        I have also recently made this connection. Realised that my quads like to do all the work because they are the strongest, and my glutes get switched off. Starting to work on consciously using glutes, staying on heels, squeezing those cheeks!

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. Did two rounds at 45kg before getting the green light to go a bit heavier and did the last three at 50kg. Buddied up with Marina who is just lovely.
    B. This workout was brutal on my scrawny arms! 3 (ugly) goblet squats away from finishing the round of 9 swings with 12kg KB.

  • Amanda C says:

    Good to be back after a couple of weeks off with a nasty cold.
    A. 2 sets at 46kg and 3 sets at 50kg. My 70% is 65kg, but I wanted to keep it at a weight I could manage (just!) with good form.
    B. Wow. Went for 12kg but my arms still wanted to give up. Finished in the round of 9 swings, with 6 goblet squats to go.

  • Kylie says:

    A: 5 sets at 45kg which is a little below my 70% mark but I was focussing on getting my form right which I managed to after the first set.
    B: Got to 6 squats in the round of 10 swings, Rx. Happy that I did the Rx weight and was stoked to get 20 unbroken overhead in the first round. Forearms blew up big time around the set of 17 so had to start breaking up the swings! Tough one.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    A. 50mg
    B. 16kg, got to 7 squats in the round of 4 swings/ 17 squats.
    Arms blew out and I felt jacked at the end of this one!

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 69kg, bang in 70%. Felt really good but still a challenge by the 3rd rep.

    B: I love kettlebell swings! This workout was more cardio than anything else for me, quads hammies and glutes were fine, forearms hurt in the early rounds but a tweak in form fixed that. Should have gotten further than I did, but still got 9/9 swings RX. Will definitely do this again in Open gym and try to finish it!

  • TessaW says:

    A: 80 kg. Probably could have gone slightly heavier but that was 70%
    B: Wasn’t too bad. Mostly a cardio buster. Until i got down to about 10 swings and then my lower back started to really hurt. Spoken to a few other people like Tahni and Meagan who experienced the same thing. Perhaps a form tweak? Any advice? Finished the 16 squats so would have started on 4 swings if the timer kept going.

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