Snatch Max & a Barbell WOD

Thursday 2.04.15

Martina & the 6:30am crew. Good luck overseas Martina!

Martina & the 6:30am crew at her last session before moving overseas. Good luck Martina!

A: 16 mins to est. max snatch (can be full snatch from any position)

B: 6 min EMOM: 1 snatch @ 90% of A

C: 12 min AMRAP:
7 Power Clean @ 50/35kg
5 Hang clean @ 50/35kg
3 Shoulder to Overhead @ 50/35g
— if you put the bar down in the middle of a round, it’s a 5 burpee buy-in.

FF: weights: 40/25-30kg

Post loads and rounds to comments. 

Please note: We are shutdown over the easter period. Have a fantastic Easter break – travel safe, hang with friends and family and enjoy your time off. Good luck to those who are competing at the Masters event this weekend!

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  • A: 36kg. Put the extra 1kg on so I know I can get past 35kg. Tried 40kg and 37.5kg but just couldn’t quite get there.
    B: 35kg.
    C: 5 rounds plus 7 Power Cleans + 5 burpees as I simply could not get my arms to lift that to complete the Hang Squats Cleans. Happy with this!
    Thanks for staying this morning for coffee, cake and a chat. I’ll miss the legends in the 6.30am crew, the brilliant coaches and everyone at Adapt so much! Loved every second, even the ones filled with agony. 😉 <3

  • Ivan L says:

    Sad to have to say goodbye to Martina. A person who was always cheery to talk to and whose efforts during the WODs you could always respect. I am thinking in particular of watching Martina do box jumps, when you could see she was fearful, but determined to give it a go and overcome it. Karen and I are disappointed you’re leaving, and wish you all the best back home.
    A. 66kg. A new 1kg PB. Hurray. The lift itself is good, but the best part of me is that I could approach it with some confidence that I was a chance. A strange thing happened to me today – I found myself enjoying heavy snatches.
    B. 60kg. So I dropped a couple. Meh. I got 5 of them, and that’s a whole lot better than I used to do.
    C. Now this was much harder than it looked. I sulked, I flailed about, I rested for too long in between. And I even said to Sarah part way through “Burpees are starting to look good now”. That surprised both of us. So, an unimpressive, but hard fought 4 rounds and 4 power cleans.

  • TessaW says:

    Better late than never?
    A: Current PB is 60kg. Failed 62 about 4 times. Always out in front 🙁
    B: 7 rounds and NO burpees. Really loved this workout. Exhilarating.

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