pull-up VOL and Dianne with Open Standards…

Tuesday 31.3.15

Coach Craig - post 15.5 #nuffsaid #adaptcf #crossfitopen @craig_cwpt #masters

Coach Craig – post 15.5 #nuffsaid #adaptcf #crossfitopen @craig_cwpt #masters

A: Pull-up VOL

10 min EMOM:

  • strict pull-ups (1-3 reps) or kipping (3-5)
  • filler: unbroken double-unders – try for sets of 10-25 UB

B: Dianne (10 min cap)


  • deadlifts @ 102/70
  • HSPU (CrossFit Open standards)

Coaches notes: Dianne is a sprint workout that

FF Dianne (10 min cap)


  • deadlifts @ 80/55 -> If it takes you longer than 2 mins to complete the first set of deads the barbell is too heavy.
  • push-press @ 40/30

In Other News…

Free Try out Class – Thursday night @ 5pm (2.4.15)

If you’ve got friend that have been keen to check out CrossFit but wanted to try a class before signing up for the whole schbang, let them know that we’ll be running a 45min class this coming Thursday night at 5pm. We’ll show them how to squat, do a power clean and we’ll even give them a small taste of a classic CrossFit benchmark…

Easter Long Weekend Shutdown

Just a reminder that the gym will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday (3.4.15 – 6.4.15 inclusive) – Go hang out with your family and friends, eat some hot cross buns and/or chocolate and we’ll see you back at training on Tuesday 7th.



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  • Ivan L says:

    A. Did sets of 3 and 15-20 DU. Not sure whether to try to do extra big kips with a view to building to a bar muscle up, or smaller, more controlled kips and string them together. So I did sloppy, slightly bigger kips and failed to string them together.
    B. Well, doing it with the new Open standard changed it up a bit. I’ve had times of about 7 minutes previously. This time I timed out with 5 HSPU to go. And my shoulders were smoked. A few fails in amongst it all.

  • A: Used 2 orange bands (one thick, one thin) and managed 2 pull ups each round. Not entirely sure my chin made it above the bar, but I’m stoked to be on bands! Did Single Unders and the odd Double Under to fill in.
    B: 55kg Deadlifts/30kg Push Press. 7.24.

    • I forgot to add a big thanks to Ben for the talk regarding negative head chatter. It’s a big issue for me, and having it talked about makes me more aware I’m doing it and really helps me to work through it.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 3 Pull Ups a round on Blue Band – These felt the best they ever have..
    B) 100kg/40kg FF option – Finished 7:15.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: went strict on red band. Struggled today after 15.5 yesterday. Was aiming for 3 which is what I do in open gym but only managed 1 legit one in a few rounds. Dropped 3rd rep after round 4.

    B: so my last recorded effort for Dianne is from December last year. I got 4/15 HSPU on the abmat in a 12 min cap. Today I got 2/9 Deads with HSPU on abmat in 10 min cap. Every time I have done Diane I fail most reps and get every 3rd rep or so. Tonight I failed one rep. Stoked! Do EMOM stuff in open gym people! It works!

  • TessaW says:

    A: Yellow band – did 1 really solid one each round. Could have tried for 2 but they would have been dirty reps.
    B: Not feeling very enthusiastic after 15.5 the day before, did for fitness, But with 70kg deads still and used 2 x 15kg dumbells for the push press to try and work on shoulder stability. Did manage to hit myself in the face with one of them at one point, but all good haha.

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. After Ben’s big talk about our puny ant brains, I managed my first pull ups ever. Hooray! Did one each minute for the first three minutes (though the third was gross), then went to doing 2-3 on the red band for the remainder.
    B. Brutal. 40kg deadlift and 30kg push press in 10:24 (thanks for the extra seconds Ben, and the love from Marina, Emma and Martina).

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