Tuesday 31.3.15

Coach Craig - post 15.5 #nuffsaid #adaptcf #crossfitopen @craig_cwpt #masters

Coach Craig – post 15.5 #nuffsaid #adaptcf #crossfitopen @craig_cwpt #masters

A: Pull-up VOL

10 min EMOM:

  • strict pull-ups (1-3 reps) or kipping (3-5)
  • filler: unbroken double-unders – try for sets of 10-25 UB

B: Dianne (10 min cap)


  • deadlifts @ 102/70
  • HSPU (CrossFit Open standards)

Coaches notes: Dianne is a sprint workout that

FF Dianne (10 min cap)


  • deadlifts @ 80/55 -> If it takes you longer than 2 mins to complete the first set of deads the barbell is too heavy.
  • push-press @ 40/30

In Other News…

Free Try out Class – Thursday night @ 5pm (2.4.15)

If you’ve got friend that have been keen to check out CrossFit but wanted to try a class before signing up for the whole schbang, let them know that we’ll be running a 45min class this coming Thursday night at 5pm. We’ll show them how to squat, do a power clean and we’ll even give them a small taste of a classic CrossFit benchmark…

Easter Long Weekend Shutdown

Just a reminder that the gym will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday (3.4.15 – 6.4.15 inclusive) – Go hang out with your family and friends, eat some hot cross buns and/or chocolate and we’ll see you back at training on Tuesday 7th.