Pull-up Vol, Burpees & Box Jumps

Wednesday 25.03.15

Ewen #KBSwings

Ewen #KBSwings

A: pull-up VOL
1-5 C2B pull-ups EMOM for 10 min
filler: 20-25 UB double-unders/singles

B: 10 rounds for time:
5 burpees – over DB
5 over the box jumps (touch top) @ 24/20

8 rounds for time:
4 burpees – over DB
4 over the box jumps (touch top)

Post times to comments.

This weekend is the final CF Open WOD. The celebrate with you all, we thought we would head down to Lake Ginninderra (MacDermott Place, where the flying fox is) at 12pm. Everyone BYO their own food for the bbq and drink to keep things simple and if you have a frisbee or ball bring it too. Let us know in comments if you’re keen!


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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 3-4 C2B and 25 DU. Struggling a little to find a rhythm that allows menton string C2B together. Old shoulders don’t help but I’ll get there.
    B. 5:48. Really pleased with that. Good pace early so I kept pretty constant throughout with a fast last round.
    Our family is keen to come along to the BBQ but I have an elderly aunt and uncle arriving Friday night to visit so will have to work around what they want to do.

  • Fee says:

    A: 2 almost C2B – the chin was well over, but it was not yet C2B – but I am happy with this as it was quite tough, but I kept the reps at 2.
    B: 7:37 RX – had to suck in the big ones to complete this without falling over! Good sesh!
    No BBQ for me as I will be sunning it on the beach in Townsville!

  • A: 4/5 Ring Rows and 30-40 Single Unders.
    B: FF with low box. I was so short changing myself by swapping to the small box, but I psyched myself out over that silly pain in my side. What a let down!
    Not 100% about BBQ, but will try our best to come along. Kids parties, friends for dinner, etc. but will try!

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Blue and Red Band Combined – 4 Reps a round
    B) 8:31 RX. I didn’t mind this one that much, though I think I am still recovering a little bit…

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. I was so close to getting a full pull up, but had to use what Bec dubs ‘the emotional band’. Sigh. Also did a few negatives to help build strength. So close! In the meantime, DUs were a joy. Did around 15 strung together each time.
    B. 9:56 RX. Pulled the last round out of nowhere following much support from the rest of the crew (who had all finished around three minutes earlier) – thanks team! Thats the first time I’ve ever attempted, let alone completed an RX WOD so I’m super chuffed. My legs on the other hand…. not so happy.

  • TarrynC says:

    Was feeling very blah today, I am actually surprised I turned up at all.

    A: I can usually manage 3 reps on a red band for this. Started failing reps (can I still blame 15.4?) So ended up doing 1-2 reps with 20ish DUs.

    B: as above felt crap so I went FF. Didn’t feel too bad but still pretty . Subbed jumps for step overs. Finished 5:46.

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