Weight Pull ups & The Beep Test

Friday 13.03.15

15.3 Live Announcement today at 11am, come down drink some coffee and watch it live


  • Max weighted pull up (pronate/supinate grip)


“The beep/bleep test”

  • 20m repeated shuttle runs

Live announcement now at 11am, come and watch it live in the box after this mornings 10am session

Post loads & score to comment section

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 28kg and ist short on 32kg.
    B. First time I have ever done the beep test. Pleased to have gotten 9.4. Interesting how psychological it got. Started to be a bit flustered towards the end which might have cost me a lap or two.

  • KJ says:

    A: 18.5kg this was a PB for me 😉
    B: first time doing the beep test for me too! I have taken many PE lessons doing the beep test, but never got around to doing it. I have a new found respect for those clever teenage kids now. 7.3 ….something to try and better next time.
    Yesterday I had the DOMS so bad I could not walk like a normal person (or sit on the loo) so I’m hoping the beep test has helped to flush out some stiffness!?

  • A: I practised pull ups with a blue and orange band. It was as much effort trying to get my foot in the bands as it was actually doing the pull ups. I could pull the bands down, or get my foot up but I could not do both at the same time. How embarrassing! Thanks Coach Becca and Bec for helping me. 🙂
    B: Well I tried… got to 2.8. Sprinting is definitely not my bag, I’m more of a shuffler. 🙂

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