Clean & Jerk Max, HSPUs & Pistols

Thursday 12.03.15



A: clean & jerk max

B1: 3×10 glute bridge
B2: 3×8 pendlay rows

C: 10 min ladder
Buy in: 400m run – then in remaining time;
1 HSPU / 2 pistols
2 HSPU / 4 pistols
3 / 6, etc.

FF option
Buy in: 400m run – then in remaining time;
2 push-ups / 3 squats
4 push-ups / 6 squats
6 push-ups / 9 squats
8 push-ups / 12 squats
10 / 15, etc.

Due to popular demand – over the remainder of the CF Open our Friday 5pm & 6pm sessions will be the Open WOD for that week. So tomorrow (13th) we will run technique / accessory work in the AM sessions, and the Open WOD in the PM sessions.

Post loads and rounds to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ivan L says:

    A. 90kg. 3kg PB! Stoked about this as I have been baulking at it for months. Just a bit stronger and a bit faster so I could be confident getting under the clean.
    B. 50kg. I reckon the flute bridges are good for me.
    C. Not sure of the time for the run but just behind Luke. Finished at 8/14 pistols. Really pleased about getting even one pistol. Used the 5kg plate for my heel.

  • A. 100kg (failed 110kg)
    B. 60kg
    C. Finished 6/7 HSPU’s Rx. Good to finally get some consistent pistols

  • Fee says:

    A: 60kg. Missed the clean for 65.
    B: 35kg. Good for butt work, tough for rows.
    C: got to 1/21 squats in FF.
    Good session.

  • A: 45kg. Got some really good tips on where to refine the movements.
    B: 35kg.
    C: 6 rounds plus 3 PUs.

  • Alexis Cooper says:

    A. 37kg, a PB and the first time I have dared put those formiddable 10kggers on for something other than squats*
    B. 30kg
    C: 5 rounds plus 7 PU
    *I think… recording things hasnt been my strong point yet (I know i know, did I learn nothing in my fundamentals?!)

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