Thursday 5.3.15

A: 15 mins to est. 3RM thruster (no sandbagging – eg. saving yourself for Part B…)

B: Fran-ibeth-anne (10 min cap)

  • 21 Thrusters @ 42.5/30kg
  • 21 pull-ups
  • 15 (squat) cleans @ 60/40kg
  • 15 ring-dips
  • 9 deadlifts @ 100/70kg
  • 9 HSPU

FF Options (10 min cap)

  • 21 Thrusters @ 35/20-25kg
  • 21 ring rows
  • 15 (squat) cleans @ 45/30-35kg
  • 15 tricep dips (off a box)
  • 9 deadlifts @ 60/45-55kg
  • 9 push-ups

Long Weekend Plans for 15.2

Just a reminder that this coming weekend is a long weekend. While we normally shut down the gym on a long weekend -> The Open is upon us and we wanted to give people the chance to complete CrossFit Games Open workout 15.2.


Peeps are welcome to hang out after the  10am session to watch the 12pm announcement of 15.2. After that we’ll be happy to run people through 15.2. The Friday AM classes will be similar to last Friday (eg. 20 min tech work and some light accessory work) but the Friday PM classes will be dedicated to completing 15.2 (that way people can get away for the weekend)


We’ll be running our regular class times on Saturday. So if you want to do 15.2 make sure you and show up at 6am, 7:15am or 8:30am. If you don’t have any plans and you’ve completed your online judges course we’d love to have you hang out and help out again – we’ll keep you well caffeinated – perhaps you should out for a big breaky afterwards.


The gym will be closed  -> so either complete 15.2 on Friday or Saturday morning.


If you’ve been away for the weekend then this will be your very last chance to do 15.2. If you need to use Open Gym to do so just make sure you have a qualified judge. You’ll have until 12pm Tuesday to complete the WOD and submit a score. And guys, make sure you submit a valid score – do it as soon as you’ve completed the WOD. Don’t leave it until later and forget. “Don’t be that guy…” (or girl)

& some house keeping…

Don’t forget to book in to your classes

Don’t be lazy or inconsiderate. Help us to help you. Make sure you book into each class. With apps like Mindbody Connect, there’s no excuse not to. Get the app. Book in. Show up. #BeABoss

Clean up after yourself

Sure, sweat angels are cool – but after you’ve instagramm’d yours – get a mop out and clean it up. The coaches do their best to vac and mop through out the day but it show’s that you’re a hygienic, considerate and thoughtful human if you clean up after yourself..

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.41.20 am

I’m not sayin that Ivan left a sweat angel but I know he’s the type of guy that would mop up after himself, if he did…. #justsayin #theOriginalSilverback